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Issue 3 - Page 05

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Tempers are running high. Run, Hilde, run!

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Comments [6]:

Have we seen Hildie anywhere outside of AYAD?
Aside from that one scene where Mori had the whole "Ugh, why do I have to be the adult" expression, no I don't think we have.
Hmm, like mother - like daughter, perhaps? Shall be interesting to see Hildie's view-point of things!
oh dear... this is going to go poorly...
Oh yes the fecal matter has hit the rotary air mover.
I do wonder. Hildie being the youngest, does that mean she might also fit into that category of "Unnoticed"? Currently Catherine is going off the testimony of one rat (ehem, fox), with no idea as to the nature of this employee's personality. Hearing a different viewpoint from one of her other daughters may sway things, especially if said daughter is too young to have been taken as a threat by Freddie