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EDIT: Sorry for the lack of news rambling earlier. I got as far as I could on the shading last night and then found my fingers were a little too tight to type. *laughs*

So, here's a bit of info about the girls in the page. Moraine has two younger sisters. There's Maud, also called Maudie, who is ten years younger than Moraine. The youngest of the trio of girls is Mathilde, nicknamed Hildie. She's fifteen years younger than Moraine. Moraine is currently twenty-seven in A Year and a Day, which means Maud is seventeen and Mathilde is twelve.

As for their behavior here... hey, just because one's a princess doesn't mean there's a lack of sibling rivalry.

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Comments [10]:

Clever, very clever. Using a mass media-even one still in its infancy-would expand the reach of someone exponentially.
And so Reality TV was born...
Ouch, Reminding her of the times she treated the servants like furniture.
Who are the cute yet badly behaved mouse girls? So in order to gain magical power, Moira would have to be seen many times by a vast number of people, preferably in a positive context. Fire up those ribbon-cutting ceremonies and get rolling on those noble causes! On the other hand, if Puck were to be presented as a ineffectual buffoon in a kiddie show, would he become less powerful? Better not try. If you can gain power from negative publicity, Puck might become even more powerful and pissed off.
This could account for why the royal families have such a high percentage of the mages. In the USA, I would imagine that wealthy families and celebrities would constitute a high proportion of mages.
Donald Trump. God help us all. Bunners
As far as I can tell. Moraine probably feels bad realizing that she had put their servants including Allan "Out of mind" that she at times didn't notice nor cared they were nearby. Hence the perplexed look. That, and she's always got attention...even when trying to juggle that with two feisty little girls wanting attention of their own. So yeah, egg on her face when she realized she pretty much ignored most of their existence at times....till recently. As for the Donald Trump reference....I think that theor been...trumped. :-P Cause if this was true to gain power....he would have been a God long before running for president....still though. God help us all.
I love the look on Moraine's face when she does make the realization and connects the dots to what Allen is talking about. Her sisters are cute, but I wonder. Are they magical? We know Moraine current day is still young but magically ages herself. Does her sisters have the same issues, are they magical at all or do they look older than Moraine? :)
This is where the modern world and it's tech trumps the magic of the Fey. Moraine's rule will be seen by the world. She will be in the minds of millions. Billions by the time Max and Ruby are in her service. This will make her a power to be reckoned with.
Jenora Feuer
Of course, in the real world, Elizabeth (at the time the heir presumptive) was on the radio during WWII at the age of 14... talking about her and her family staying in London during the Blitz as a symbol rather than being evacuated to Canada at the time. So she was making use of mass media long before the war was even over. Obviously, Morraine isn't quite Elizabeth, but still...