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Issue 1 - Page 16

Hey everyone! Meet James!

I got a little carried away with the background this time. So here's a version without the dialog/extra panels below. Please click on the image to see a larger version.

In good news, Matt got a new job! He just heard back from the company Monday afternoon! Excellent! Especially since it was the one he really wanted. Congratulations, Hun!

Comments [14]:

Congrats on the job Matt! And can I say (over and over) how much I love your work. All the expressions, composition and beautiful little details.
Iron Ed
Oh, I so want that floor and table! And it's so great that Matt got the one job he really wanted!! Woo-HOO!! :-)
Bob Ellis
Am so very glad, Matt. Seeking work myself and know how much it bleeds. So well done. Hope it works.
Congrats Matt! I'm happy you not only got the job, but it's one you're looking forward to. Now, the comic is gorgeous, I love the details of all the dishes and serving platters, as well as the design of the vault
Ever so glad to hear that Matt got the job he wanted.
Wow, that's a real labour of love right there - fantastic work. THat's entirely believable as a pantry in the Palace. Also, is that our 'womanising' footman? Can't wait to see how Allen handles this. Oh, and congrats to Matt!
First: Congratulations, Matt. Success on the job hunt battle this quickly is a compliment to you. Second:Darc, your backgrounds are so often little master works of art... it is always great to see one in all its glory, from sketch to final result.
Congrats to Matt! :) Masterfully done, as always on the comic. Loving the story so far!
Grats on the job! Also? that background is stunning. You continue to outdo yourself.
Hurrah for Matt's new job! Sometimes good things DO happen to good people.
Congrats Matt, I know all too well what it's like job hunting. Glad to hear you landed the one you wanted. The background on this one is absolutely outstanding.
Grumpy Old Bear
Good luck Matt in the new position. Beautiful pantry never a NIT. Thanks for the full view. Been reading a book on old mansions and the photos were never so good.
Yay!!! Congrats Matt!!! Glad you got the job you wanted. Also, Darc, love this room. I want one just like it.
Thanks guys! I apologize for the quiet on my end. It's still been a little crazy here. Things should return to our regular clip in a week or two - once Matt begins his new job and we both get back onto a regular schedule.