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Guess what I forgot to start until later yesterday evening. But, Matt and I did drive out to Kent Falls State Park so I could get some shots of the frozen falls for a few upcoming pages. Lovely area, but so cold!

I'll have the finished version up this evening. Thanks guys!

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Hopefully you aren't experiencing the cold we're getting here in the Detroit area. -15 for the low temp
It's been pretty close. This morning was -6, and that was after the sun was up.
Ouch! Nah, it's not that bad out here. Please keep warm and stay safe if you go out.
I must say, I've been reading for quite a while now and sometimes its the beauty of seeing the artwork before the finished product that is sometimes mesmerizing.
Thank you! *blush* Matt had an idea of posting the sketched version of the pages here on the site a day before the finished page is meant to go live. I'm not sure if there would be an interest in that, but it's a neat idea.
It's -9 here in West Virginia. However, I've plenty of quilts thanks to my grandmother and great-aunt's hard work decades before. Now, the strip. Yes, it's unfinished, but OMG I love the reflection in the teacup!
Dang! Please keep warm and safe! This winter has been wild, and not in a good way. Well, if you like to ski I guess it's been good. Thanks! I get bored with head-shot panels after a while. I wanted to try something different.
Allen's moment of truth is upon him.
Where's a distraction when you need one?
Iron Ed
I love Moraine's expression in that last panel!
Thanks! Me too. :D
choo choo george
Well, I've been lucky so far, working in TX where we had 70+ temps, but back at home in ILL it's been well below zero. But just to make it fair, we're going to get hit with some bad winter weather down here on Sun-Mon. Where are Kent falls at? Oh and as always, your artwork either B&W or color is just simply beautiful along with the story. Say if you get a chance check out the movie Strange Magic by Lucas industries, it came out 2 weeks ago and is it ever entertaining, gorgeous CG work. How's little Holly doing? Stay warm.
The Kent Falls are here in Connecticut, about an hour or so out from where Matt and I live. We've driven past them a few times in warmer weather while heading to the Norman Rockwell Museum, but never stopped. I have a scene coming up where I need to draw a snow covered landscape and wanted something other than just plain fields. We've a lot of lovely rocky places around here, but most of the time I can't stop and take a photo - busy roads and no place to pull over safely. The Falls were more frozen over than I expected, but they'll still work. :D Thank you! Ooo, I'll have to check the film out when it's available on DVD. Due to the migraines, I can't go to a movie theater anymore. The bright light of the screen and loud sounds are triggers for me. Holly's doing well! She's responding to the chemo and seems to be going into a bit of a remission. She still has three more treatments to go, but she's much happier and active than she was a few weeks ago. :D
I really love the lighting in the first panel. It's beautiful. Another wonderful page all around too. :)
Thank you! I'm pretty happy with how that first panel came out. Fun Photoshop tricks. :D
And Allen here does a perfect imitation of me trying to save my job after I accidentally blew up a 15L engine...and gets asked the same question I got asked. Fortunately I kept my job. And I would suggest you escape the cold by coming to Colorado, considering it was 60 degrees yesterday...but right now there's a foot of snow on the ground and it's still coming down hard. If you want some snow covered landscapes though, visit the Rockies at some point in the winter.