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Issue 1 - Page 05

Hey guys! Welcome back! Thanks for sticking with me during the downtime. As you can see, this page still has some shading left to do. I found myself focusing on the main storyline and forgot about AYAD until this last Sunday. *face palm* I'll finish the shading up by this evening.

As for what else has been happening, I've started seeing a physical therapist for the TOS / wrist trouble. While things have been a little painful so far, there seems to be some progress already. So it's all good.

There will be a slight change to the update schedule for the next few months. The goal is to give me a little more time to adjust to the PT and hopefully see some improvement. For more information about the changes, please click here. Thanks guys!

Comments [12]:

Michael Gilson
My mother called her physical therapists 'Winston Churchill'. Because they could promise her nothing but blood, toil, tears and sweat.
Heh, I can see that. It's helped take some of the burning off of the palm so far, which is nice. :D
Rule One: Always listen to the cook. Especially those of the badger persuasion.
Badger marms must always be obeyed. It's safest that way.
Are you familiar with the Redwall series by Brian Jacques? I ask because that's the only place I've seen the term 'badger marms' used before.
Oh yeah, very much so. Constance is awesome!
Great, now i'm gonna have to dust those books off and re-read them again... I hope you're pleased with yourselves Joel and Darc! (And welcome back to the drawingboard, Darc!)
Might need a little work but still a very.nice page. Welcome back Darc!!
Welcome back Darc! Great page as usual. Now i want to watch Downton with furries. That would be much better.
Thanks! I need to catch up on Downton. I'm so far behind.
Aurik Marr
Don't we know a Lord James in the main comic? :D
We do. Not the same James, I'm afraid.