Wild Hunt

Nationality : Wildfey

Race : Fey

DOB : Before recorded history

Employer : N/A

Information : The Aspect of the Hunt. The Wild Hunt is made up of multiple entities with a single mind. The Hunt's goal... target prey and take it down.

Once The Hunt focuses on someone, it won't stop chasing that person unless one of three things happens. One, the prey makes it across running water. Two, the prey kneels down and prays throughout the night, uninterrupted, until morning. Three, the prey manages to evade The Hunt until morning. Folks who've escape The Hunt are considered worthy of their freedom and are never targeted again.

While The Hunt tends to chase people for its own amusement, it can be hired by other members of the Fey to bring back captured mortals for the Tithe.

The Hunt's power is strongest at the new moon.