Jacob Roderick "Spooky"

Nationality : British

Race : Hound

DOB : March 14, 1914

Employer : RCSI

Division : Commander / Lost Squadron

Information : Jacob Roderick was the founder of RCSI as well as its first Commander. It was through Roderick's actions that the influx of magic during the 1940's was recognized as a real event, and not an imaginary bi-product of the stress of the war. Roderick was also responsible for securing financial support from the Crown. He was rumored to have had more than a passing interest in Princess Moraine.

Despite being missing since 1948, letters signed "Spooky" still show up on occasion. While code names are occasionally reused, names of agents missing in action or who have died in the line of duty are not. There has only been one Spooky in RCSI's history.

Jacob is seen by the Fey as the Fool of the Mortal Court - Moraine's messenger and enforcer. This position brings him into contact with Summer and Winter's fools, Puck and Jack, more often than he likes.