Gillian O'Kelly

Nationality : Wildfey

Race : Changeling

DOB : April 25, 1749

Employer : Self-Employed

Information : Gillian was abducted by a member of the Summer Court in the eighteenth century. Once outside of the Seal's influence, it was revealed that Gillian was one of those rare mortals with a gift of prophecy. This kept her safe from the Tithe and made her captor very successful in both Court politics and in battle against Winter’s forces.

Gillian eventually engineered her captor's death at the hands of his enemies. On the eve of the next battle she left out crucial details from her visions, leading her captor directly into the hands of Winter's army. In the resulting chaos she escaped, eventually running across Roderick and his group.

Gillian is a true changeling. Over the years she gained a number of Fey-like features and abilities thanks to the influence of her Summer Court captor. This has led to a great deal of distrust among many of the Lost Squadron. Specter particularly blames her for not warning them of the Winter Court ambush that nearly cost them the whole squad.

Though Gillian was a child when brought into Fey, she was magically aged by her Fey captor and now resembles a woman in her early twenties.