TinyPaws, Posters and the 100 Days of Comics Challenge

Hi guys!

So TinyPaws is over for another year, and we survived.

To be honest, it's been five years since we were last at a convention, and we weren't sure what to expect.

So, the Con Report...

First off, TinyPaws was small. There were just shy of 200 people coming through the door. The smallness of the con was nice, we were able to meet up and actually _talk_ to people instead of being incredibly busy. We met some old friends and made a few new ones, many of whom we expect to see at other cons in the future. (Looking at you Furthermore).

Additionally, Darc and I have made a list of shows we want to attend, both as dealers and as attendees. So we might be popping up in some unexpected places in the future.


There are three new posters in the store! Our printer did a fabulous job and they look awesome. The picture above, Defending the Gate is one of the new prints. Remember that these are each limited to 100 copies and will not be re-printed.

100 Days Challenge

So finally, if you've not taken a look at Darc's Patreon, it's time. To help her through building the new book, she's taken up the 100 Days of Comics Challenge. Each day she's to work on her book, and make a post about the day's work. The challenge is exclusive to her Patreon, and has a lot of previews for the new A Year and A Day book.

See you next week!