VI - Beginnings Gypsy - Page 01

Hey guys! There's a little over a week left before we resume the 'Code Name: Hunter' / 'A Year and a Day' updates. Thanks again for sticking with me and being so supportive during this downtime. I really appreciate it! *hugs*

My initial plan was to return to one AYAD page and two CN:H pages a week, with the 'Mail Bag' dropped down to one a month. But with the physical therapy starting up, I'm beginning to think it might be best to begin slowly with one AYAD and one CN:H a week instead.

There are a few reasons for this. First off, I need to start opening commissions again. Adding a second specialist into the mix means I need to augment some costs. And while juggling commissions and three pages a week is doable, there's a good chance I may put too much strain on myself and slow down the PT's recovery attempts.

With the PT in place, I'd also like to try slowly get back to the markers, brush inking, and colored pencils. While it'll be an unpleasant process, working the hand in various different ways may help us pinpoint other problem areas that we can then tackle and start fixing.

And thirdly, I'd like to learn more about the acceptance and commitment therapy / mindfulness method I mentioned on my Tumblr a few days ago. Since I don't respond well to pain killers, finding and learning a better coping method sounds like a good plan. But, I will need time to read up, study, and learn how to implement these methods.

I'm not interested in keeping this schedule forever - personally I prefer at least three pages a week myself. So there is a limit to this two a week schedule. The old Version I archive is set to run five days a week until April 8th. With that in mind, let's say we keep AYAD updating on Mondays, CN:H updating on Thursdays, and 'Mail Bag' updating on the 15th of each month until April. Then, the first full week of April (the week of April 6th) we switch back to AYAD on Mondays, CN:H on Thursdays and Fridays, and 'Mail Bag' on the 15th of each month. That will give four months with the PT. Time enough to, hopefully, start seeing some improvement in my hand strength. If nothing else, I'll have been able to pad a bit more of a buffer and bring in a little income. Does that sound fair to everyone?

I want to continue bringing you CN:H and AYAD for many more years. Now that we have what looks like a viable solution, I'd rather not risk impeding the healing process by trying to do too much at the moment.

I'll keep everyone informed about what's happening with the PT on my Tumblr and will share any work I'm doing as well. Perhaps we can get the streaming going again and hang out a few times a month while I'm working. Just something a little fun.

While I apologize for the cut in the schedule, this does seem like the best idea to help get me back to as close to full speed as I can as soon as possible. Thanks guys!

Hi guys!

You're currently reading the original archives. These comics were completed over ten years ago! Darc has progressed a long way in both her art and storytelling skills. Please refrain from pointing out errors and such, we know that these pages are rough. They are ten years old after all and from the beginning of her comic journey!