Open - Page 04

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Allen: "Here, young sir, play with this plastic, inflatable sword."

Matti: "It's not the same..."

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great holiday! It's hard to believe 2015 is nearly at an end. It went by so fast.

I've some bad news. I just learned yesterday that my dad will be going in for open heart surgery sometime in the near future. He needs to have one of the valves in his heart re-replaced. We'll know more by mid January when he goes in for his final round of tests, but it looks like the operation will likely happen by the end of February. I'll be flying out to the Midwest for the operation and will be out of state for at least a week. I'm hoping to get pages, at least sketched, in the queue for when I'm out. If I have to hop on a flight right away... I won't be able to. If that's the case, please bear with me. Thanks guys!

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