Issue 20 - Page 19

It's been a strange last few days, but we have an update. Sorry again for missing Tuesday's. Whatever bug I caught hit suddenly like a roundhouse kick to the gut and knocked me on my butt.

I'm trying to get back into working with the sketchbooks. My hope is doing some practice work will help not only work out some of the constant pressure in my knuckles, but also help with my confidence. It's been shot to hell over the last year between all that's been happening and just generally running out of spoons. It's... been a little rough.

So if I go quiet now and then or take a few days longer to respond than normal, please forgive me. That's just me pulling away a bit to give myself a little quiet to get back on even footing.

If you'd like to help, there's one simple thing you can do - no, it won't cost you a dime, don't worry. Mainly, please be understanding. Most of you are and I love you for it! But some of you can get a little hurtful at times. Before you send a post off, please read over what you've written and ask yourself if that's something you would appreciate hearing. This isn't me saying don't have different opinions or debate possible outcomes and ideas. No, that's not it at all. It's just... try to remember that Matt and myself are also living, breathing people, not puppets on the other side of the screen. We'd appreciate it.

Thanks guys.