Issue 1 - Page 11

Matt and I received some bad news yesterday. Holly, our corgi, was limping a bit last week, so we took her to the vet to have her leg checked out. The vet noticed her lymph nodes were swollen and wanted to do a biopsy on them to check for cancer. Yesterday we got the results of the tests back. She has lymphoma.

We'll be taking her back in this week for a few more tests to see how far along the cancer is and whether it's spread to other areas. From there we'll be able to figure out what our options are.

Personality wise, she's her normal happy, bouncy self. She doesn't seem to be in pain or at all bothered, which is good.

So if Matt and I seem a little distracted for a bit, please bear with us.

As for today's page, Mori's pulled Jack's leftover magic out of Allen's hand and added a bit of her own to help replenish what she took earlier. And yes, she added a bit of her own magic to Emily as well. Emily just worked herself into enough of an emotional tizzy that she fell asleep. Most of us have done that at one time or another.

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