Issue 16 - Page 02

It's a new week, which means more CN:H! A big shout out to Kittiara whose image of the Wild Hunt was a large inspiration for the guys in the third panel! This is also the last week to send in a picture of your drawing / creative area for the giveaway. All entries must be in by June 10th.

In other news, my cintiq is on its last legs. Since I rely on the cintiq to create CN:H, I thought we'd do a donation drive to help fund a replacement. So, all of you who've been hungry for more CN:H per week, now's your chance! Two updates a week, three updates a week, and two short side stories are up on the table. All donations go towards the replacement cost.

If you enjoy CN:H, please help a gal out. Can't donate? Then please help spread the word - not just about the donation drive, but CN:H as well. I'd really appreciate it.

Matt and I will be out of town for the week, so we'll catch up with everyone when we return. Thanks guys!