Becky Moore

Nationality : American

Race : Rabbit

DOB : July 27, 1983

Owner : House al'Gera

Information : Becky is the daughter of Rick Moore. Due to a shipwreck off the cost of Astoria, she was captured and sold into slavery along with her parents. While her father is still alive, Becky's mother has since passed on.

First Appearance: Issue 5 - Page 13 Last Appearance: Issue 5 - Page 24

Benjamin (Ben) Donnelly

Nationality : British

Race : Hound

DOB : November 18, 1923

Employer : The Mousira Household

Information : A footman who worked in the Palace during the early years of RCSI. He's very protective of his partner, James West.

First Appearance: Issue 1 - Page 18 Last Appearance: Issue 3 - Page 16

Benjamin Fletcher "Jasper"

Nationality : British

Race : Hound

DOB : January 28, 1921

Employer : RCSI

Division : Field Agent / The Lost Squadron

Information : A steady agent, Jasper ended up in the Fey Realm during the chaos of the first Treaty night back in 1955.

First Appearance: Issue 15 - Page 03 Last Appearance: Issue 15 - Page 04

Bertram (Bertie) Wilberforce Wooster, Lord Yaxley

Nationality : British

Race : Rabbit

DOB : June 11, 1900

Employer : N/A

Information : A gentleman whom Allen describes as "a kind man with a pleasant sense of humor, though prone to finding himself in awkward situations." The employer of Allen's friend Reg. (Tribute to P.G. Wodehouse's "Jeeves" stories / Jeeves and Wooster.)

First Appearance: Issue 3 Cover Last Appearance: Issue 3 - Page 24

Betty Slocum

Nationality : British

Race : Cat

DOB : June 11, 1944

Employer : Grace Brothers

Information : An employee in the Ladies' Department of the Grace Brothers department store. (Tribute to Are You Being Served?)

First Appearance: Issue 7 - Page 17 Last Appearance: Issue 7 - Page 18

Bradley (Brad) Cooper, Lord

Nationality : British

Race : Mouse

DOB : April 10, 1975

Employer : JT Hammytrade

Information : Brad is a friend of Max's from college. A big fan of the ladies, Brad is never too sure what to make of Max's shyness around women. He initially believed he was the luckiest man in the world when he married the lovely and socially ambitious Vicky Meins. A few years - and many acts of adultery by Vicky - later, he's come to realize that his wife's beauty is only skin deep.

First Appearance: First Encounter - Page 01 Last Appearance: First Encounter - Page 04

Brigard McConnor, Lord

Nationality : Scottish

Race : Mouse

DOB : March 9, 1941

Employer : Self-Employed

Information : Brigard is the current head of the McConnor family and the father of Max and Julia. An argumentative fellow, Brigard is a hard person to get close to and an even harder person to like. Though he does care for his two children, he has a hard time showing affection. He's disappointed with Max, who he sees as a slacker.

While Brigard and Heather have always remained faithful to one another, their marriage is not an affectionate one.

First Appearance: Issue 8 - Page 07 Last Appearance: Issue 8 - Page 24