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This is why you should always knock first, kids. Unfortunately, the seeing cloud covered most of the paintings on the wall. Here's the paintings without the cloud in front...

On a personal note: Does anyone have any ideas for combating anxiety? While it went down a bit over the break it's back, and worse than before. For the last few weeks I feel like I've been vibrating constantly. It's more than a little unnerving. If anyone has any ideas beyond "breathe deeply" I'd appreciate the help. Thanks guys.

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Lord Luv a duck! Haven't heard that for a while! :-) Love Allen's expression. And, of course, one of the paintings has a horse in it...
We actually have a duck farm in the area I grew up in called "Luv-a-Duck" and I worked there sometimes on school holidays so I heard that phrase a lot! ;-) But true, it is a phrase that has mainly gone by the wayside.
That phrase made it over the pond at one point. Thankfully the State's variant, "**** a duck", is even more obscure.
Whoops! Dang, I'd berate Gypsy on her manners... but then it'd be a bit superfluous as manners have never been her strong point! ;-) Expressions.. so many good ones and... Oh, Woot! HORSE!!!.... (I need sleep...)
Petrov Neutrino
A lot of detail in those paintings. Thank you for posting the unclouded image. Still, the looks on their faces! Sadly Jacob's emotions will remain a mystery for the moment.
Dear, dear Gypsy. Direct confrontation is not always the answer.
Anxiety is a tough one for me, the heart starts going, i'm fidgety and such. I have found when this happens, I need to do something to distract me ( i don't take meds for this). At this point I may go outside and play ball with the puppy or go for a walk. I sometimes get on the rowing machine and turn on day time tv. Anything to distract me. I try and get into whatever I'm doing and this usually works for me.
distract you from what? if you can id what you are anxious about that can help. try to see the problem in smaller parts, not as a whole. make goals to work at these smaller parts and the larger seems less overwhelming. these are just words, but i hope they help. also, reduce caffeine and sugar intake, they only make it harder to be calm. stay safe.
his expression says it all! He is too well trained as a butler to actually say anything but you can be certain that he's thinking it! (putting it mildly...HOW THE BLOODY HELL ARE WE EXPLAINING THIS ONE?)
I'm not sure what needs to be explained. She is an agent, she knows that the queen is a high level Mage. I suppose that the Queen's youth might be something of a shock.
Darc, I always found silly putty to be a great thing to fidiget with to deal with severe anxiety, just making a ball or a cube can be fantasticaly theraputic
Meditation and prayer are two approaches that have a very long pedigree and record of success. As I'm Catholic, I certainly recommend the Catholic versions (the Jesus Prayer I find especially useful in my own personal case).
Iron Ed
Love the horse! If you only look at it via peripheral vision the rock on the left and the cloak on the right can give the impression of wings on the horse. :-)
Granny Smith
When anxiety exists outside any normal stimulus (i.e. you did NOT just almost get hit by a truck, you're not on a roller coaster or about to bite into a ghost pepper) it can be a lot harder to learn how to manage it. Simply, there ISN'T something you can get away from, or do/stop doing, to make the cause go away. Adrenaline can switch to "fight or flee" with no apparent outside cause. So, part of dealing with it involves how you allow yourself to mentally react to what your body is falsely telling you. And no, it isn't just a matter of breathing habits, more rest/exercise, avoiding alcohol & caffeine, although these can be a supportive part of your therapy. You may need a combination of things to help get the anxiety under your control; first step is to talk to a doctor who is sympathetic, and who won't automatically prescribe whatever the current drug-of-the-day is without listening and investigating first. Tell the doc what you're willing to try and what you're not (for example, I deal with pain daily, but I will NOT take any opioids or narcotics except as a last resort). ALSO - find yourself a good support group locally, with others who know what you're going through because they are too, or have family that are. (Yes, I have loved ones who are.) Personally, I've also found a good hot cuppa' chamomile tea with honey to be a good "trigger" to help me relax when I need to. ;-) YMMV.
Darc..My wife is a certified macrobiotic practitioner.. One basic remedy is a mix of 1 cup cold ,water 1 tablespoon of powdered Kuzu (Japanese Kudzu root), 2 tablespoons of shoyu soy sauce(this type is needed)and 1 teaspoon of umiboshi plum paste.. Combine water, soy sauce and kuzu in small pan. Heat almost to a boil,(stir constantly) add umiboshi paste, mix well...when ready the liquid will get an oily appearance..remove from heat...pour up in a cup and drink (one ice cube is permitted to cool to drinkable level)...Hope this will help...
Darc...P.S. ...all of the ingredients are available at most health food stores...
When I'm anxious for no reason, it's because I haven't gotten enough sleep, so getting more of that might help. Also, I find working the energy off helps. Dance if you can, sing, move, but don't pace. (Or if you do, do so vigorously so you have to concentrate not to run into things) If you aren't in a space where you can do those things, then I would say get somewhere you can. If there's a private/handicapped bathroom you can take over for a bit, for instance. Distract yourself with something that makes you feel good. Even just listening to a song that gets your energy flowing in a good way, that makes you happy. Listen to the words extra hard. *Offers hugs*
A company Natural Factors makes a product called PharmaGABA that I've found effective at calming down anxiety and letting me focus on the task at hand. It comes as a chewable wafer, tastes good and does not cause drowsiness. Some herbal teas are also effective, including Chamomile, Catnip, and Passionflower. The last is also good as a sleep aid. Hope some of these help. I work in the Vitamins Dept for a Farmer's Market chain store.
... welp, this just got awkward. Also, as for anxiety, perhaps some calming music? Look for some slow jazz stuff, combine it with I have a couple suggestions, if you want somewhere to start.
I think that playing games (any: from simple board or card games with friends - I recommend Fluxx, it's a very simple game to learn - to any game you might have that isn't very challenging) or maybe just taking a nap every once in a while. Or maybe just lay on your bed and let your mind wander, thinking about any random thing. As far as I know, everyone is different in terms of what relaxes them.
Darc, try listening to soft music (Soulfood, 2002, Gandalf, Deiter) just suggestions. Also depending on your triggers try calisthenics (or any type of vigorous exercise just get your heart rate up. Beating the living hell out of a heavy punching bag might help as well) these are a few of the things I use when having issues (PTSD related) hope this helps, I know what a pain in the rump that can be.
In the middle of an anxiety attack (or just as it's starting), anything you find relaxing and comforting can be good - tea, a hot bath, cuddle a pet, go for a run, yoga, whatever. Looking at the longer term and prevention, there's several things that can help. I'd start with finding a therapist that you have good chemistry with - the client/therapist relationship is more important than the specific kind of therapy. They can help identify and work with underlying triggers and issues (we've all got them!). You could explore medication options with a doctor or psychiatrist. I'd also recommend regular, fairly intense exercise. Try different things to find something that you like, so you look forward to it rather than feel obligated to do for health reasons. It doesn't have to be just going to the gym - dancing, martial arts, running, rowing, hiking, there's a lot of options. I hope something in this comment section helps. My partner struggles with anxiety, and I've fought with depression for years, so I understand how frustrating it can be. Worst is getting anxious/depressed over being anxious/depressed . . . . You're not alone in your struggles, and there's a lot of support and caring being sent your way!
Thank you for the advice and tips! I really appreciate it! So far I've been using this magnesium supplement called Natural Calm which helps a bit, as well as Yogi brand bedtime herbal tea. I've always had a bit of anxiety, but this year it's kicked itself up a number of notches.
I love the cloud effect :) Re: anxiety, a lot of pther people have mentioned quick helps, but have you tried talking to your doctor? there's also Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or CBT, never type it as CBT in google though) which *if it works for you* can be very helpful. The book on it is killed Mind over mood and has a cube with a face on it. A lot of overcoming depression/anxiety groups use this as their basis. For quick, personally, the best I've found for me and both my anxiety prone roommates is jasmine, rose and lavender petal tea - no black or green tea - but it has a tendency to put us to sleep and the ingredients are a bit of a pain to find)
I also forgot: play with your puppy (or someone's hair). No, not joking, these can help a lot.
This comic is always fabulous to read. As for the anxiety, I've found that focusing on tactile sensations is very soothing for me. I was picking up small handfuls of mulch and rubbing them in my hands the other day. The variety of textures involved made it easier to focus on them. Magnesium is pretty helpful, so it's good that you're taking it. I second the physical exercise advice, especially if it's something led by someone else. Your brain can turn off a little more when another person is making the decisions. Another thing that I used to do was bake, usually in the early morning hours. Cooking was never soothing, but stress baking would help. I hope that you hit upon something that will help!
Scia ^ This site helped me. =)