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Issue 22 - Page 16

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

I've had this scene in my head for a while now. While this didn't turn out quite as I wanted it to, I'm still pretty happy with it.

Moraine has an interesting ability... she can see everyone, no matter where they are. What looks like specks of light are actually pathways to individuals. By focusing on a person she can pick them out of the fog of lights and see how they're doing. It's a little hard to explain quickly. We'll get into this more later in A Year and a Day.

For more information about Moraine's 'seeing cloud' please click here.

Curious about how I made the cloud effect? Visit this link.

Comments [16]:

Jenora Feuer
Well, she IS Queen, and her power is that of the land and its people...
She knows when you are sleeping. She knows when you're awa-- Oh wait, that's Santa. Eh, close enough. :D
I have just three questions-does power have limits? Can she see what really everybody does, from Hunter, to, let' s say Aspects, or it refers to specific group ( all from Britain, all mortals, all she knows...)? Does anybody else have this power? Those lights and mist are beautiful. How is that possible to make?
It's a little much to go into here - I can try putting a notes post up on Tumblr with more detail in a bit - but for a quick overview... there are limits. Some of these are from outside forces. Most are ones Mori has put into place herself. Powerful mages can also do this, but they're limited by the amount of magic they can control. It takes a lot of skill to do and is something most mages aren't interested in investing time into learning. While Gadel is a decently powerful mage, she can't create a "seeing cloud" - I really don't have another word for it at the moment. Rashanna, on the other hand, can but the amount she's able to see is much smaller than Moraine's view. Thank you about the lights and mist! I used a few different brushes in Photoshop along with some glow effects to create it. Trouble is, I can't remember which brushes I used, so I'll need to experiment again for the next page. *laughs*
Oh, thank you! For both this and upcoming notes. Name is good. To quote Terry Pratchett ( wording not completely correct): '' It is fact of life that once thing is done, no matter how hard, it will get easier and easier. Adventurists may struggle to conquer mountain peak for centuries, but once they do, in decades grannies will organize tea parties there and come back for glasses they forgot.''
I added a link about the seeing clouds to the news post up above. I apologize for the delay getting this up. It took longer to write than I expected. :D
Petrov Neutrino
An intriguing ability! That might come in handy for rescuing folks out of Astoria in future issues. I suspect a transition to DeHarrods soon. The artwork is nicely done, did you use a Hubble / starscape to get that look? Great work!
Thanks! It's a few different brushes in Photoshop mixed with some glow effects. Then the vibrancy of the whole magic cloud is bumped up by 50 percent. True, we have to head back to DeHarrods soon. I need to set things in place for the opening of Issue 23. *evil laughter*
Okay, I LOVE that galactic effect there. That's pretty as hell.
Thanks! Now if I can only remember which brushes I used. I'll need them again for next week.
Ok, I'm reading that rabbit with David Tennant's voice, and all I can hear from him in that second panel is "Beyons-y!"
I sometimes wonder who would voice various characters. It's fun to just sit down and think about now and then. :D
Firstly..I have only one thing to day about the magic cloud..."My God! "It's full of stars!" Second..voice over for Moraine.. Maggie Smith AKA Professor Minerva McGonagall from the Harry Potter movies.
*thinks about Maggie Smith's voice* That could work! :D
Darc... Just for giggles I did s side by side of Maggie Smiths face and Moraines from the current page... I am certain that it was not intentional but the resemblance is quite remarkable
Iron Ed
I rather like the silhouette panel at the top of this page. The art is still well done so it does not clash with the quality of your other art, and the text fills in the gap of what's happening. Then there's the change to the glorious, full-color (and time consuming!!) magic cloud panel. Nice balance of story telling and art there, Darc!