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Issue 22 - Page 09

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

No chickens were harmed in the making of this page. Many tents, on the other hand, were burnt to ash.

Comments [17]:

He's in trouble for sure.
Petrov Neutrino
1... Oh, please tell me that is a cart of cabbages in the background of the third panel!
My cabbages!
I'm thinkin' watermelons.
I have never understood the mindset of the individual who says "Hold still so I can hit you!" and understand even less the ones who actually expect the request to be fulfilled! ;-)
As a retired military man and video gamer, I fully understand the "Hold still so I can hit/kill/destroy you" mindset. I'm with you on not understanding those who actually expect to have their "Hold still" demands fulfilled by their intended target.
Now this is where having Yakety Sax would be appropriate.
Benny Hill music comes to mind all of a sudden.
Frith Ra
Only we Fey are allowed to use nasty little tricks, you mortals have to play fair.
Fabulous Chickens! Wait, weren't they a band...?
Petrov Neutrino
Hey! Wait a second... Is that Puck (disguised as Helena) hanging out by the cart? If so, I hope that he is getting a serious laugh out of this! Just noticed.
"I learn quickly from dealing with idiots, Gavin."
I just started reading your comic today from page one up to Current....I have simply fallen in love with this Comic, You have great Talent and now I wait for the next Page! Thank you for such a Wonderful world..well..two worlds filled with amazing Characters!
eric bloedow
Hunter better be a little more careful, that pouch is only good for one hit. (if i remember correctly)
Petrov Neutrino
Four, assuming it was fully charged when Jinx lent it to him. (Issue 21, page 3 - see link) Still, it does not last forever, and it will probably be burned out before this mission is completed.