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Issue 21 - Page 24

And here we are, at the end of Issue 21. I'll have the CBZ available next week. I'm running behind at the moment and need time to get the files in order.

I'll be working on the cover for Issue 22 as well as a few other items over the weekend. Until next week, enjoy.

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AND here we are on a CLIFF hanger dang it Darc
HEX the Dark
Cool helmet!
I suppose that helmet has openings behind the ears. Otherwise it might be a bit inconvenient... I mean you still need to hear while driving.
HEX the Dark
I am no biker, but I would argue that you don't hear that much in biker helmets in general, especially at higher speeds.
You would be amazed at how well you can hear other vehicles while wearing a helmet, especially if you're not in a closed vehicle. Even sitting right on top of an engine (or right next to one in my case). Motorcycle exhaust isn't loud for the sake of being loud, it's loud so that all of us in our nice, designed to provide as quiet a ride as possible cars can hear them if we can't see them.
Iron Ed
Except, I've noticed, that it doesn't work. The motorcycle's exhaust, and sound, is pointed -away- from the direction the bike is moving. Just the opposite of what's needed to do anything useful. The loud exhaust is only useful against pedestrians and people in convertibles.
That is a good question. Gadel still looks unsteady in heals.
Yo Drac looking forward to them new pages keep up the good work
"Okay, so today we're going to gripe about a cliff hanger, the bike helmet, and the damn shoes again? You folks need to get out more."...ok. Forgive this from coming from a total stranger. Darc, I know things have been hell for you these past few months. Your tweets from last week definitely raised my eyebrows, and that's just one example. But seriously, the comments on this page? I've seen a lot worse getting argued about here and you didn't seem to mind it. Bear's comment is nothing more than a playful gripe, something anybody would yell at their TV's for the ending of every LOST episode (I know I did). And what's the harm in asking about the design of a biker helmet, particularly if coming from someone who might know a lot more about them? I think these comics are causing you way more stress than is healthy for you. If these small things are starting to upset you now, you need to take a mental health hiatus. You've paid back everything that got you your new tablet. You owe nothing to any of us. If you need a month or two to rest, so be it. Just focus on things that you are actually getting paid for, and for everything else, we'll wait.
If it turns out that Ruby's family was working for british monarchy since it's beggining, i won't be suprised.
M. Peach
Her grand-uncle wouldn't be a butler perchance would he?
Someone's been paying attention... *hands you a cookie*
But that implies the butler had a boy of his own. Now, I wonder who the missus is?
Why? From what I have gathered her grand-uncle is her grandfathers brother, and as such no implications of him having a son.
Had to read through the archives: The uncle is Ishmael the chef from the treaty night (Ex-RCSI with the werewolf wound). From the cooking, he's probably her father's brother, rather than Allan's son.
I'd forgotten about Ish. My brain obviously wasn't functioning for a sec, I was thinking grand-uncle and great-great-uncle and thought 'he's a little young..."
Trust me, he's not the only one that's noticed and put two and two together! VERY nice touch!
Well I, for one, LOVE the helmet. It's such a terrific thing. Obvious, when you think about it, but I've never seen one before. And I think Ruby looks real Badass on the bike (sorry Darc). Maybe she'll look just as good on a horse?
Great page, love the detail on the bike! Looks like you modeled it after a Yamaha FZ8.
Just discovered CNH, and promptly spent four hours or so reading it up to the current cliffhanger. Good thing it's Friday nigh... uhm. Saturday morning and I can sleep late. Very nice work!
When I saw Ruby on the bike with helmet on I was put in mind of another "Titian Haired Beauty" who rode a motorcycle.