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Too tired to be chatty just now. Will be chatty tomorrow. Maybe even witty too. We'll have to see.

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may at least some modicrum of warmth be with you
You as well! :D
May the ZZs be plentiful and of quality. "Keep as many eyes on yourself as possible..."... translation "Your job is to be the first, the most obvious and the biggest target out there when it all hits the fan...." Yup, those are orders that just warm the heart... ;-)
Especially when they come with a license to create chaos. :D
Petrov Neutrino
... Back in camp hours later, Spooky sighed softly, regretting his earlier choice of words to the young courier. "The more chaos, the better," he muttered, shaking his head in astonishment.
I mean, how do you even do that with a noodle bowl?
Mad skills, yo! ;D
Well, if there's something that Hunter is good at creating, it's chaos.. ;)
He's a pro at it. :D
Great story. I'm amazed with glow-how do you make it? On another note, darc do you have something against fanart of your webcomic-fics and pictures?
Thanks! I have the glow on a separate layer above the characters which is set at about 40% opacity and use a soft edge brush at about 40% opacity as well. It gives just enough haze without being overpowering. As for the fanart, I'm all for it! I try to share fanart on the site when it comes in. While I'm okay with folks writing CN:H fanfiction, I don't read it. I don't want folks thinking I was influenced by their story or stealing their ideas.
Is Hunter going to get his mad out on the Fey?
Aw... he's just playing. With a crowbar...