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Issue 21 - Page 14

And here's Mr. Allen. Older, but still active.

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Awww, she always forgives. Guess we know Allen is still around .. heee :) The young prince has grown up!
Oh my gosh. I want to give Mr. Allen such a big hug! And do I spy an RCSI band on him? Intriguing...
Oh, well spotted! Again, I love how this is playing off AYAD, so panel 2 of this acts as a reveal for the other comic.
Yep, that it is. :D There's a story behind that. We'll get to it in time.
@Pretzel: While I am not Darc or Matt and I have no idea on their story outline I would consider this regarding the band: Mori was basically running the RCSI at the time of AYAD. To show Mr. Allen her gratitude of staring down a very power Fey, and to protect him further, she made him part of the RCSI. This also allowed Mr. Allen to fulfill his dream of being like his cousin. Again, I do not know if this is canon, but this is how I see it. If it is canon, sorry Matt and Darc.
As regards what you've said, I imagine that I know how AYAD is going to play out now, based on what Allen has just said.
There's more to AYAD than just Allen not getting fired. ;)
Nope, sorry.
I very much doubt that membership in RCSI would be something the Queen would hand out as a reward. I think it would much more likely that: 1) Mr. Allen was willing to join, 2)He was well qualified, 3)He could serve to best advantage as a RSCI agent on top of his duties as a butler.
I don't know as of the moment there is much we don't know. As of the moment Mr Allen is the only apparently non agent we've seen with a collar. As for sword it's highly possible there is one in his cane
Bob Cleveland
I think that the princess realized that Mr Allen saw it as his duty to protect her with his life if he deemed it necessary. The gorget is to provide him the same protection as her agents. I am willing to bet his cane is a sword also.
Mori's powers are indeed impressive. Allen looked to be in his late 30s or early 40s in 1948, and now he looks like he was born in '48.
Grandpa Allen looks DAMN good! Stylish, even decades later. ... This is going to sound weird, but just going by looks alone, he's someone I think I'd like to know.
I like the way the young prince's face looks in the first panel. Very expressive. It makes me want to reach down, tell him that everything will be all right, and rub him behind the ears.
Yay, Allen!