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Issue 20 - Page 16

Something tells me Roderick's going to need some aspirin after this.

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Ooooooh, he gonna have SUCH a headache! I do NOT envy him!
Just remember, Roderick...breathe in, breathe out. It may not be pleasant, but it's probably the best way to get the better of Puck.
Just lie back and think of England!
Wow! You know it's a good boon when Winter looks happy and Summer grumpy!
Winter is impressed. Winter is very, VERY impressed. :3
I just love how she regards that stealing Puck's prize as a bonus, when the real bonus is that she's getting to spite Summer.
Curious Admirer
I don't think they mean physical pain, guys...
Curious Admirer
I don't think they mean physical pain, guys...
Shocked Admirer
Wait, this posted twice?
Well, Third time's the charm!
Wonder what else he's gonna forget? Or whom? Or how he feels about someone?
My favorite part of this page is the reversal in the queens. Summer's been all smiles and sunshine (=P) while Winter's just had complete disdain for everything. Spooky pulls this reversal, and Winter is pleased with the twist and Summer is bitter. It's just... lovely.
Remember, Winter doesn't like Puck after he quit her court for Summer's. That's likely one of the few details that will enable Spooky to (essentially) survive. As a corpse and a completely erased mind wouldn't remember their names either.
Loving the colour in the last panel. Very expressive and, you know, treeless.
Why do I think they are going to make this more painful than it needs to be.
Another part of that boon is if Mori use her boon 3 time she becomes a thrall to Spooky, who is trapped in Fae. Mori wouldn't mind that arrangement, and it leaves her and Spooky off the hook as far as being thralls to any of the Fae.
"Oh this is going to sting." "Oh this is going to leave a mark." I could go on but heeeee!
Another thing I like about this page is normally it is Summer who is all happy go lucky and Winter who is scowling in the background, but here we see the roles reversed. Winter is definitely gaining pleasure from Puck's loss, and why not, he served her and 'defected' to Summer's court. Ah sweet irony.
It is pretty satisfying to see Winter so amused.
Since I saw Malificent, I've been hearing Winter in Jolie's voice, and right now she's just as gleeful as Malificent at the Christining. Summer, however, sounds like she's eating a very sour grape.
Ohhhh, grab the bactine, this sounds like a pain that'll linger..
Yes! A smiling Winter... at last! So incredible sexy and intimidating at the same time.
Ooooh. She's going to have him slowly forget the names of everyone he loves ALONG WITH their names, isn't she? So twisted....
There's a trope for this: This Is Gonna Suck.
I do wonder how upset Summer would be with Spooky's boon if she knew what her "pet's" real intentions were...
Uh oh... Spooky dun got Winter's attention! Short term, this might be good, (Titania's tryst in "A Midsummer's Night Dream"). But might have unpleasant side effects. (Again, "A Midsummer's Night Dream").
You've got the names confused. Titania is the Queen of Summer, Light and Joy. Mab is Winter's Queen of Air & Darkness. If you continue to go by Shakespeare, Mab is "the Faerie's Midwife, who comes in a size no bigger than an agatestone on the fore-finger of an alderman." Obviously, then, Shakespear never met them.
I suspect Winter is pleased not just because she gets to twist the knife in Summer and royally screw Puck over, but because it means that Spooky is a worthwhile opponent (and thus worthy of further attention).
I suspect than in order to erase the memory he wants to lose, Summer and Winter will have to search through ALL of Roderick's memories, bringing up things he had forgotten for a reason.
P.S.: I see why Winter said that Summer is as cold hearted as the Queen of the Unseelie Court herself.