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Issue 20 - Page 15

TL:DR - Spooky figured it out.

At this point, the main bulk of the story is done so we can start getting back to regular panels. We still had a lot to cover and I refuse to have this go on for another issue. But now we're heading into smooth sailing as we begin to close out this issue and story.

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Well there's a trick I bet Puck didn't see coming. Can't well use names if don't know what they are.
Don't think there is a way for teh Fey to twist this but I'm not holding my breath
Jenora Feuer
Oh, sure, there's a way to twist this... but the thing is, making Spooky forget the names will throw a monkey wrench into whatever Puck's plans were. Summer and Winter are probably more interested in messing with Puck than in messing with Spooky. Now, that said, he could still learn their names again, and he'd be stuck with the boons already used instead of getting three more. But Puck probably can't tell Spooky the names again without using them himself, which he isn't likely to want to do...
... I think I can hear Puck swearing from here.
wow I can't help but wonder if this will work.
Very nice, dramatic shot there. Spooky knows how to present. :3
You know,I don't think it does the comic any harm to have a few wall-o'-text pages like this every now and again. After all, it's a conversation and we'd just be seeing the characters talking to each other for an extra 3/4 pages. Not that that wouldn't be lovely, but it's not necessary because they're not *doing* anything.
Oooo, now will the Queens accept that as a way to play with Puck's ambition? Winter did speak of how he was overreaching himself, so I think she at least would find this poetic irony
Good move Spooky.
I think that she will accept this. It would seem to require very little essence - this effects him alone. Well done Spooky.
Well played, though I think I would have asked it as, "To forget your names, and be unable to learn them again." That would prevent a 'recapture' scenario, if permitted. I think the queens will see it as being to their advantage to prevent Puck from gaining control of Roderick, and hence the potential mortal aspect that is Moraine.
I dunno. This seems less risky in a traditional fey-wish way. After all, to prevent him from learning the names again, they could blind and deafen him. Or freeze him like we saw the Pendragon but without chance of release. He wouldn't be able to power a wish that keeps everyone who knows the names from telling him. Simple wishes are the best. Less chance of interpretation.
Ooookay, I've been wondering . . . If you belong to the person who gave you the names, and since Spooky asked to forget them, would he belong to Moraine if she gave him the names?
Puck still has prior claim. The third time that Spooky uses the names, he belongs to Puck. And, even if Moraine were to give him the names again, he still would only get one more boon because the rules state you get three.
He should have said that he could not say their names. At that point it would be impossible for him to get a third boon since he could not call them.
Going by Matt's mention of the danger of leaving anything open to interpretation for the fey, that might be another dangerous one to ask for. They might seal his lips permanently shut or something.
True, but Spooky is a self sacrificing individual. He would probably find that acceptable to insure the continued safety of those he cares for.
I doubt if Puck has another boon left, even though he gets to use all three. You have to think like a lawyer or programmer when dealing with these people. Murphy lives! (eg his law).
I think I'd have gone with "I wish to forget Your names, now and every time hereafter I hear them."
SADLY i just thought of a way to twist this. They could make Spooky forget EVERYTHING
Nah they wouldn't erase his memory for the simple reason that it'd require more power on their part to do just that. Far simpler to do, in this situation, exactly what he wants. They no longer need to provide the third boon, Puck gets screwed, the Wild Hunt continues, and things can get back to some normalcy. With much more interesting things that the fey can experience....
Iron Ed
Be funny if Puck did something 'silly' -before- he found out Spooky had already slipped out of his grasp. :-)