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Issue 20 - Page 07

Thank you for understanding about the botched plan for this week, guys! You all are awesome!

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You know, I normally don't like the way Unseleighe fae are depicted, but I like the way the ones in this comic work much better than the Seleighe.
Interesting...they are being...helpful, somewhat. I think that even they realize the grief that could come their way if the Erlking is left to continue these raids....And they have plans. Oooo just loveing this. So many layers within layers!
No, that's just the way Fae work. They were asked a direct question, thus they had to answer. Winter is just being blunt as always. Spooky has no power to back his boon.
Interesting then again it's in the queens interest to have Spooky ask for and get his 3boons
Ooooh no. Don't get the queen involved!
And so _that's_ what Puck meant when he told Spooky he'd _have_ to give Moraine the names.
I wonder if Moraine can somehow empower him since he is her knight and all
And this is the "Oh Snap" moment where the Unseleighe Queens realize they don't want Moraine to have their names because she does have the power needed to back up what she asks for.
and trump card played!