Issue 20 - Page 06

Don't worry, we'll find out what Roderick's first boon is next week.

Speaking of next week, it's going to be something a little special... An event I'm affectionately calling Hell Week! Why? Because by the end of the week I'll likely feel like hell. It's like this, we've two weeks left in this month and I've still five regular updates to do as well as two extra updates and a "Mail Bag!" that were unlocked through Patreon. Oh, and next month's donator's print. Let's not forget that. The trip out to Anthrocon threw me off. It happens. So, how does this equal a Hell Week? Simple...

Next week CN:H will update Monday through Friday. Five days. Considering each page takes eight to twelve hours to do, I think you can see what I mean by the name. But, this will get the two extra updates done as well as the regular week's worth of work. The "Mail Bag!" will be slipped in later, likely the week after.

Due to the work load, I'll likely be pretty quiet online for the next week or so. As a result, if I don't get to your Tumblr questions or emails right away, please forgive me. Also, understand that this is not a regular schedule and don't try to pressure me into making it one. This is something special, so please appreciate that. Okay?

If this works out we may do another such week next month due to Matt and I taking a trip out to Maine - with everything going on I haven't had a chance to stock-pile pages for the time away from home. We'll see. Thanks guys and see you Monday with page seven!