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Issue 20 - Page 06

Don't worry, we'll find out what Roderick's first boon is next week.

Speaking of next week, it's going to be something a little special... An event I'm affectionately calling Hell Week! Why? Because by the end of the week I'll likely feel like hell. It's like this, we've two weeks left in this month and I've still five regular updates to do as well as two extra updates and a "Mail Bag!" that were unlocked through Patreon. Oh, and next month's donator's print. Let's not forget that. The trip out to Anthrocon threw me off. It happens. So, how does this equal a Hell Week? Simple...

Next week CN:H will update Monday through Friday. Five days. Considering each page takes eight to twelve hours to do, I think you can see what I mean by the name. But, this will get the two extra updates done as well as the regular week's worth of work. The "Mail Bag!" will be slipped in later, likely the week after.

Due to the work load, I'll likely be pretty quiet online for the next week or so. As a result, if I don't get to your Tumblr questions or emails right away, please forgive me. Also, understand that this is not a regular schedule and don't try to pressure me into making it one. This is something special, so please appreciate that. Okay?

If this works out we may do another such week next month due to Matt and I taking a trip out to Maine - with everything going on I haven't had a chance to stock-pile pages for the time away from home. We'll see. Thanks guys and see you Monday with page seven!

Comments [21]:

Interesting prospect, this hell week, but... I'm going to *beg* you as a long-time reader, do NOT push yourself to the point of hurting something, like your wrist. Just... be careful. For us?
Absolutely this. You don't 'owe' us anything. Yes, I know some of us are Patreons and that but, frankly, we're the last ones who would want you to do something which might hurt you.
Precisely! Patreon is about supporting the artist and the tier 'rewards' are just bonuses - there is no time limit or due date. Do not push yourself through that kind of nightmare to meet an artificial deadline that no one is holding you to. Your readers will still be here.
I second all of this. Two pages behind is nothing compared to the damage that could be done by overworking yourself like this. You could sprain your wrist, or pull a muscle, or become sleep deprived, or any number of things that will end up in more delays. It's NOT worth it, unless you, as the artist, truely want to push yourself, as a personal thing. Do NOT be pushed just because a few people on the internet are impatient.
I third this! :) I would much rather have breaks in your schedule than have you destroy your wrist. I'm 47 with carpal tunnel and I've learned the hard way that you have to take good care of that kind of injury.
Hmmmm...Seems like Spooky is having a bit of trouble with this boon thing. Well to be fair, his focus is probably larger then most mortals in this situation. Hope you get plenty of rest after Hell week Darc.
As one would suspect every boon has its price and needs. its time for them to think about what can be granted.
Oh god. Is he gonna just tell them to "go away" and they'll take that as a boon???
well I do while i do feel sorry for spooky it does seem that at least winter is having some amusement from this
I really appreciate the effort you're planning to make for your readers, but your health comes first. Please don't push yourself too hard to make it happen. Thank you for caring about your readers, though. We just don't want you permanently injuring yourself.
Hmmm . . . how about: "A fey can only take a mortal he respects." That would cut down the number of hunters considerably, and of the few who can respect mortals, they will have a strong motive to fail at the hunt.
But seeing as how the fey think of mortals as an inferior species, I don't think they'll be able to grant it. It'd be like telling farmers, "You can only butcher a cow that you respect." I think the safest bet is to limit the amount of time the Fey spend in our world, since that would still allow them to hunt, but would give us a schedule and therefore some defenses.
So you're thinking he's going to suggest the 'do wild hunt only once every 7 years' for his first boon? I was kind of thinking along the lines of marking the 'protected mortals' with the 'neck bracers with Moraine's emblem'. That way those whom are protected are clearly marked off-limits, while maintaining plenty of ways for the Fey to obtain their Tithe.
choo choo george
8-12 hrs just for each episode? And I sometimes complain about working 8.5 hrs a day in my job. No wonder CN:H is an absolutely wonderful and fantastic comic and such a high quality story and artwork. Like everyone else said, DON'T PUSH YOURSELF SO HARD THAT YOU END UP HURTING YOUR WRIST. We'll gladly wait for the updates as you produce them at a comfortable pace for yourself. I work in quality assurance in the aerospace field, that's one reason your comic attracted me in the first place, real quality work all around.
Holy CARP this is a catch 22!! They're trying to get him to waste his boon on something menial! He is in a crap situation for sure!
Aquitaine Queen
To give the queens SOME credit, at least they're not counting every failed request as a boon in its own right. Unless that's the rules of boon granting, in which case never mind.
Iron Ed
Winter is becoming a fun character. (Please don't tell her I said that!) :-)
Agreed don't push yourself too much. There are probably rules to the boons like everything else they do.
Martin Owens
No call for you to punish yourself. You are providing a pleasant diversion for no charge. We can wait.
Sweetie, will you PLEASE take care of your hand and wrist? Believe me when I tell you I am being entirely selfish, self-centered, pushy, and exploitive when I tell you to cozen and conserve your drawing tools. Instead of Hell Week, how about a couple of Purgatory Weeks, separated by one or two normal weeks? Doesn't that make better sense? I bet $49,796,322,580.14 that a poll of your audience would agree.