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2014-05-26 00:11:09 
Great panel.. the queen looks so annoyed in the first panel. Glad there is a good reason to wake her
Iron Ed
2014-05-26 02:49:24 
That got her wide awake in a hurry! I'm not sure who'll have it worse, Moraine or Roderick. Feeling sorry for both!
2014-05-26 04:30:50 
Moraine'll show it worse. Roderick will feel it worse. He's a soldier like that.
2014-05-26 02:55:01 
who will have it worse? Likely Moraine, simply because of in the situation, she had no way to have a choice in things. Rod could have chosen to come back empty handed, even if we all know that's not how he rolls.
2014-05-26 22:51:59 
That is one CRANKY Moraine. ... Also, this is going to go bad places.