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Issue 19 - Page 07

At least he didn't land horns first. Getting your horns stuck into the floor doesn't make a good first impression.

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Frith Ra
Greer not be Martian. Greer be courier service. See Fnord Ex logo on sleeve?
Worst part is, I actually took a second look to see if there was indeed something on his sleeve...and Greer doesn't even have sleeves. -_- you got me good...
You aren't the only one XD
Greer have bad news... post not paid. Ye owe shipping fees.
Is this going to be a new non-canon side story. This should be a new non-canon side story.
Darc? remember that Patreon account you were looking at setting up? This would be a good reason to do it~
I'd pay for that. :P
Whoops someone is out of uniform :) wonder if that hallway is wood or stone. Considering Greers status among the features little wonder he wants to make sure they know he is not a threat right off the bat. Love the expressions on everyone's face on this page.
Well let's hope Moraine's close servants know enough about her agents for Spooky's codename to ring a bell. I doubt Jack is going to give him much time till he delivers his message from Winter.
let us see. How will this turn out?
My understanding is that people don't DIE in Faerie, although they can be KILLED. Should not be too hard to find some dedicated help for Spooky. I would go myself if I had the chance; a long, long, long lifetime, even with danger, without my duff ticker crapping out would be preferable to wasting away here!
Better hurry up guys: Jack be nimble, Jack be quick... Oh wait, wrong story XD. I think I'm going to enjoy these two characters in the side comic. Emily looks cute, and Robert looks very suave. I think you got the good looking maid and butler designs down perfectly, Darc. Also, maybe it's just me; but I wonder if Allen here is actually some sort of ultra-refined fighter like Walter C. Dornez.
Jack Flash sat on a candlestick?
'Cause fire is the devil's only friend...
Iron Ed
AFaerie Pie? ;-)
Foxx Trotter
"I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's a gas, gas, gas..."
Aurik Marr
If he pulls razor-fishing line from his gloves and starts merc-ing zombies then my day will be made.
A razor-fishing line? That's so uncouth. Silver flatware is the elegant choice. ;D
Aurik Marr
Not sure if everyone gets the reference(pretty sure Darc did). Heres a link for those who didn't. Warning, this link rated M.
I get it! You know, looking at Walter and what little I remember of Alfred, I'm thinking a lot of people misinterpret that age and servitude translates as weak and not simply experienced in a profession. Darc shared some interesting things in a book she read about butlers in her tumblr.
Standard Operational Procedure: Alert security at once! Even Better Operational Procedure: Alert security and Moraine at once! Common Sense Operational Procedure for People With More than Two Brain Cells: Don't stand around asking questions, you fool!
Forgive me, but it seems that perhaps you do not understand some things. Things such as this was done to show that these two characters do not know Roderick's code name. Or, that it would be perfectly normal for people to be shocked for a short period after seeing a glowing door open up in their dormitory hall and spew out a green creature. Or, that this all happens within a few seconds of each other. Or, that if it is your JOB to control the basic functions of a household, you do not panic and scream for help without at least seeing what you're screaming about first. Especially if you want to KEEP said job.
I would suggest you read this and this. Characters are more than your world view. Likewise, they will not always act in alignment with your world view. Please keep that in mind in the future.
I'd say it also gives an interesting view of just how "Personnel" her business is with her agency at this point. I don't know from this if they Know Spooky's real name simply because he spends so much time around Moraine at home, but it makes you wonder just how far the public eye was kept in the dark about the agency and magic in those days. This could prove to be very informative next few pages. Well done Darc.
Sorry, but neither of my brain cells were on speaking terms when I wrote that.