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Running characters are harder to draw than they seem.

I apologize for this getting up later than normal. Turns out the side pain is from uterine fibroids, one great big one especially. While not cancerous - thank God - they're uncomfortable. The knowledge of what's happening, as well as the idea that I need to see a genetics counselor to track the various feminine cancers in my family, has also left me feeling kind of shaky emotionally. I apologize.

We'll keep CN:H running and will start the side series this summer as planned. Hopefully without too many interruptions

Thanks guys.

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Drink some relaxing tea, light some therapeutic candles, get a prescription for valium if you have to, because when cancer is a on the table, stress can only make things worse. Greer sure is a handy guy to have around, huh?
I ended up moving the studio to a small, secluded room upstairs. It's lonely, but the quiet seems to be helping a bit.
O_o You are describing my last year... So sorry... mine's so bad (And large) that I'm having surgery to remove said lady bits over the summer. :( I feel ya.... Hope you feel better chica. Great page as always!
Ow! I'm so sorry! I hope things go well with the surgery. Hang in there! *hugs*
Good to here it's not as bad as you feared. Let's hope Spooky has his message all thought up. Jack probably isn't going to give them much time before he catches up again.
Jack moves quick, that's for sure.
*hugs* As a person who had a hysterectomy due to cysts and then found out I have an extremely rare cancer that caused those cysts, I can understand some of the pain and all the fear. The good news is that the earlier they know to check for cancer the easier it is to detect and beat it.
*hugs* I'm sorry! I hope things are going well for you! Please hang in there!
It seems we're not alone in uterine cysts, Darc. LOL! I myself have Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, so I've been on hormones since I was 25 to prevent my cysts from growing larger
So many of us get cysts, you'd think they'd have figured out a way of controlling or possibly preventing them. All I've ever gotten is assurance that they can give me fertility drugs. "Don't worry, you can still have kids!" But I don't want any kids. I'd be a lousy mother.
Rock it! We know you can :) Also, ask your doctors about everything! We know the medicine, but You know your body best, and the more you know about what's happening/your options/risks/your meds, the better this is going to go. Don't be afraid to take notes or write down questions so you have a reminder. And, if your doctors aren't listening to you and working with you all the way, absolutely go find someone else! Having someone who's got your back makes a tremendous difference.
Will do! I'm on a six month "monitor, talk to a geneticist, and wait-and-see" program. It's annoying, but the first step.