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Hey guys. I apologize for the lack of update Monday. I picked up one hell of a sore throat Saturday and spent Sunday as well as most of Monday under the influence of NyQuil. I've updated the Slacker Tracker to show the missed day.

I've really enjoyed drawing Mabel. She's been fun.

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Iron Ed
As long as your "sure way" doesn't get mortal Jinx into trouble, Mabel! (Mabel does have a fun/nice personality.) :-)
She's been fun to draw, too! I need to keep working characters with different body types into the comic. It's one of my weak spots. I'm a little sad that mister fat and sassy on the side of the first panel got cut off. He had a cute look. Big tum, tiny legs. :D
great comic! I just have to point out the grammatical mistake in the top panel wander*wandering. a veritable wink and nudge about a sure way to chase gloom away... either mabel simply acts conspiratorial, or that is a proposition. ...
Fixed. Thank you.
HEX the Dark
Set loose…cut loose…
Mabel is quite the character. Two negative strikes and Mabel offers some kind advice.
Sure way to chase gloom away? SHOP!!! As in buy that pretty bauble
Nyquil is a wonderful item, i'm just glad you woke up in time to get this one out! Love how the locals don't mind mingling with the agents and folks from the mainland. A customer is a customer after all!
Mabel seems like an intriguing character... I wonder if she'll end up helping them later on.
And I've noticed the fey have another trait that sets them apart from mortals. Their fur, it's not the same normal color scheme as any ordinary animals.