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Issue 17 - Page 16

Hey guys! I've an announcement to share quick. I'll be heading down to New Jersey for a few weeks starting December 14th - to help family and for the holiday. Which means, I won't be working on comics during that time.

I'm also thinking of taking a few additional weeks off. The goal is to get into a new schedule for working on the comic and to build my buffer back up. At the moment, I'm doing a page straight in one day then having to spend the next day recovering. I'd like to switch that to a five comic hours per day schedule instead. This would let me work a little each day and still leave me time to build back up to other work.

But, to do that I need to halt updates for a bit. I wanted to take the month of December off with a return on January 1st, but I'd like to finish Issue 17 for you all first.

So, here's what we're looking at... Issue 17 will end on Friday, December 13th. I'll be down in Jersey from the 14th through the 26th. And December 27th through January 12th will be for me to get the new working schedule set and a small buffer built up. The comic will resume updates on Monday, January 13th.

I hope this sounds agreeable to everyone. I know the missed updates have been annoying for everyone, myself included. I'd like to take this short break to get things back on course.

Thanks guys and sorry for the upcoming break.

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Eric Wilson
go ahead do what you need to do it will be better for you and everyone if you do. You are one of the few who try and keep updating your work and let everyone know what is going on for this I thank you
Thank you. I want to get the updates flowing smoothly. Things were going good for a bit there. It'll be nice to get back to that pace again.
Take the time you need, Darc. Family and your health always comes first! (but I'm glad you're finishing the arc first! :) )
Thanks. Yeah, me too. We're so close to the end of this issue, it doesn't seem right to take a break before it's done.
I say it's good too take time away from something after doing it for a while. Rest for your wrists is all fair and good.
Thank you. I've been getting my grip back which is good. I think I just keep straining the wrist by not taking breaks when working on the comic. Hopefully adjusting to a new work schedule will help.
Aurik Marr
As I've said on many occasions, your injury takes priority. You need to make sure it doesn't get worse. As i've also been saying, Helena clearly has a crush on Jacob.
I'm not sure that crush would be the right word. I think she finds him more amusing than anything else. Though this does lead to an interesting question. Not sure if it's been asked before, but can the Fey and mortals have children together?
I'd like to know as well. I've seen it go both ways in the fantasy novels I've read.
Of course she has a crush on him. She wants to mash his freedom and his will to a pulp.
(heh) That's good! Thanks!
"I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him..."
... and I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy!
They can, but it's not a regular occurrence. The children are half-fey - they live longer than most mortals, have an ability with magical, and often have oddly colored hair. There are a few half-fey living in Leystone. Half-feys are not recognized by either the Summer or the Winter Court.
Thanks. True. I kind of lose track of things when working and don't realize there's a problem until I stop for the night. Which means I'm probably going to need to set an alarm to remind me when to stop for the day.
Faith H.
Thanks so much for all your lovely work on this comic. It's such an engaging story, and I enjoy the characters so much. I'll be looking forward to the end of this arc, and I hope your break is thoroughly restful.
Thank you. I'm looking forward to getting a bit of rest, research, and practice in during the down time. I haven't been able to do as much practice and learning as I'd like lately.
Good plan. I hope you have a good break with your family, and feel better generally. Jacob's story is really well told here - we know that he get's trapped, but there's still tension about exactly how and why. The reader in me is happy and curious. The writer in me in taking notes!
Thanks! Jacob's story's been an interesting one to work on. The trouble is I can easily see it continuing for many more issues, but after Issue 18 we really need to return to the present events and Max. I'm still working on developing that side series that will go into further details about Moraine and Roderick, but I'm not sure when that will be able to start updating just yet. Sometime in 2014, I'm sure.
Darc, It's The Holidays And It's Giving Your Wrist And Mind A Break. Take What Time You Want And Need Off. Of Course We Will Miss The Continuing Adventures And Wonderful Art, That Will Just Make Your Return All The sweeter. Enjoy The Season And Family, See You In The New Year.
Thank you. I'll be able to update the blog a bit with sketches and works in progress once I'm back from Jersey. But when I'm down there I won't have my scanner or equipment.
Take all the time you need...I'm patient and can wait. Besides I've enjoyed this story to much over the years to leave now. Here's wishing you happy holidays and make your time off be relaxing.
Thank you. I'm hoping I can get the wrist a bit more stable, do some practice work, and build the buffer back up a bit. I enjoy working on a page straight through, but it's a little hard to pull off sometimes.
Greetings. This sounds like a great idea to me! Rest, recover, enjoy the holidays! We will all be here when you get back! As for Jacob, we know he gets stuck of his own free will, but I suspect a little bargaining first - the information he wants is useless if he cannot pass it on to Moraine.
(heh) And at least you are not leaving for vacation at an evil cliffhanger like this one!
Thank you! Heh, if I did that I'd get so many emails, most not too happy I'm sure. *laughs* Besides, I haven't gotten to the page I've been really looking forward to drawing yet.
How many times do we need to tell you that you're in charge of your life and this comic? :) Take the time off, enjoy your holidays. Hey, take until the end of January off. You're being nice enough to finish this chapter before taking a break so take the break you need to rest, relax, recover, and rebuild your buffer. While it would be nice to see the comic start up again right after my birthday, I can wait an extra couple of weeks. You have us all hooked, we'll wait for you. The important thing is for you, yes YOU, to be healthy and able to continue without excess stress. So take the time. We'll be here.
Um... 42 times? *laughs* Thank you! I hate having to take the down time, but hate the spotty update schedule lately more so. I'm looking forward to getting into a work schedule that will be a bit easier on the wrist.
Karma Squirrel
It's been said before, it'll get said again. Take all the time you need, Darc. If you need to take a month or two months or three months off to rest and let your wrist recover and build a buffer, go right ahead. We love you enough to value your health over your art. :) (I wouldn't mind something like sketchbook updates in the interim, but I won't push for it, seeing as your wrist needs rest.) I hope you have a wonderful time over the holidays. Pet a cat. Drink hot cocoa. Take pictures of crazy decorations and delicious food. And don't kill yourself just to please us. That's not healthy.
Thank you! My in-laws don't have cats, but they're three wonderful dogs who love getting attention. :D I won't be able to update the blog while in Jersey, but will have sketches and things to share when I return. I spent some of yesterday testing different materials in my sketchbook to see what I can bring with me on the trip. My markers are a little too big to take - they also smell which could be a problem. So I'll definitely have sketchbook updates after the 26th.
If you come to New Jersey and don't give me a ring, I'll .... Well, I'll think of something. :=3
You'll feel bad? Don't guilt-trip the woman :P
Darc (and Matt) knows I'm kidding her. I understand that family comes first, and I would be more than honored if she decided to meet up with me. As for the punishment, probably another commission of Altaica. :=3
Oh, another chance to draw the lovely Altaica? You evil, evil man you. ;D No worries, Ilnara. LionKingCMSL is an old friend. :D
That's right, you're in the area, aren't you? Cool! I likely won't have a car - Matt's driving me down since I'm not good at driving lately. I'll have to see what we can do. :D
Family time in New Jersey.....DON'T GO! IT'S A TRAP!!!
It's Jersey... it's ALWAYS a trap. ;D
I knew she had some play to use on Rodrick!Again fantastic work. Take the time off you need we are not your boss! Sadly, I'll probably have with drawl but Meh! I'll survive till the next page is up!
She always has something up her sleeve, that one. Thank you. Eeep! Hopefully not too much withdraw. I'll be able to update the blog once I've returned from the in-laws. I may be able to update the Tumblr in the meantime, I'm not sure. I'm still not too familiar with it.
Sounds good to me, Darc. All I ask is a small reminder when then issue ends, so's I can mark it in my reading calender. :D Also, be careful, Roderick; just because she's being honest with you right now doesn't mean she's telling you the whole plan! Fae are tricksy creatures!
Thanks! Will do! I'll make another announcement beforehand. I just didn't want to spring this on everyone out of the blue. :D
It is not like we are paying for you to do this. We just get to oppertunity to watch a fantastic story with amazing artwork unfold. Take whatever time you need. We all should be able to take off and enjoy the holidays. ^_^
Thanks. *blush* Hopefully the down time will seem shorter for everyone due to the holidays. :D
Question, do you actually produce and sell prints of this comic? I also wanted to say that i think it is really awesome that you take the time to respond to as many of the comments as you do.
We used to, but the cost of printing, storage, and vending at conventions became a little too pricey. So, we just offer the web updates and digital downloads now. Thank you. I really appreciate all the comments and wish I could respond more often than I do. Some days I'm running a little too behind, I'm afraid.
Iron Ed
Well, we've been trying to get you to take some time for yourself... ;-) I do really appreciate your taking the time to finish the chapter first, AND for letting us know in advance what to expect. :-) You and Matt both; Have a wonderful vacation and holidays!
Me? Listen to reason? NEVEEER! ;D I didn't want to leave this issue undone. Especially since there's only eight pages left to go. :D
Iron Ed
Wind, snow and ice; nicely drawn weather there, Darc.
Thanks. I'm waiting to see if we get some of that today. There's a Nor'easter moving in. O.O;
I think that update schedule is a great idea. That should give you time to relax and then build up your buffer so you're not rushing to get pages up. I think if you wanted to scale back for a bit (one or two days a week even) when you get back, that would be fine. I'd rather the comic be something you have the proper time work on without having to rush and put all that strain on your wrist.
Thanks Laurie! I've been enjoying the more rapid updates. It's been a little rough getting them out at times, but they seem to be pushing me to learn a bit faster. Since I haven't been able to do as much sketchbook practice, the extra work's been helpful. :D
Take teh time you need. i can live with delays as long as you don;t say thats it Im ending the comic. AS I'm mangling here the only Critic you can't escape is yourself
Thanks Bear! :D I've too much story to tell to end things yet. So many comics. :D
"The Price for this... is you." Okay, that has to be one of the best bad guy lines in ages. Writing that one down!
Darc, This sounds like a very sensible approach to the situation. I'll pop CNH into my 'Hiatus' folder, and be ready to read again on the 13th. Happy Christmas, and I hope you have a relaxing time, despite preparing your new schedule. Regards, Eli.
"Knowingly consume fey food... ...of your own free will?" Are you suggesting that fey food is safe to eat (and still be able to go home) if you don't know it's fey or you're forced?
Oh no. Eating Fey food is never safe to eat. Know it or not, eating it will trap you in Fey. However, by knowingly eating it, he's volunteering to stay. It's a statement that his life is worth less than completing his mission.
That's it! that's what you need! magic to heal your wrist! LOL! OK all joking aside, that a heck of a price to pay just to save your friends!