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Issue 17 - Page 13

Helena, babe, your eyes just got freaky.

And we're out of the Goblin Market. Thank goodness. These last few pages have been a little drawing intensive. I hope you've been enjoying them.

I really shouldn't have to say this, but if you appreciate what I do, I'd appreciate hearing so. Creating a comic is a long and lonely process. Hearing that the effort is enjoyed helps keep me going. So, if you can, please spare a moment and leave a comment. Thanks guys.

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I do know I've been enjoying the art tremendously. Sorry I haven't commented in a while, I've barely been able to drive to work, let alone type with this pinched nerve in my wrist. :/
Personally I love your work, it really has me waiting to see the next page.
While I am relatively new to your comic and your work, I am extremely impressed with your talent. The amount of work, effort, and yes pain, that you invest in the comic (and your art) is very obvious to your readers. We all (myself especially) appreciate everything you do, not just for the comic, but for us - the storytelling, the research, and the constant striving for improvement that you show in all that goes into CN:H, (in the future) Day By Day, and your art! Thank you!
Additional: And, yes, I am also sitting at the edge of my seat, waiting for future updates. I have always been a sucker for a good story, and yours is fantastic! :)
I think you already know how much I love your comic. :=3 Remember back at AC 2012, before the Dealers Room opened, we were having a lively discussion about events in the story and some of the generic events of my fan-fic? ;=3 All i ask is that you pace yourself so you don't aggravate your wrist any more than is necessary. Keep up the great work. ;=3
I have this comic bookmarked and check in on it regularly. The story is very engaging and the artwork is amazing. Take care of yourself. We'd much prefer to have less frequent updates (if you have to) than to hear that you'd have to quit.
Henry K9
I have always loved your work for many years now. That is why I have stayed with you through thick and thin over the years!
Darc, your art is awesome and the story you're telling is fascinating. Seriously, this is one of the most beautiful webcomics I've ever come across. I'm especially enjoying the more frequent updates, since there's less "wait, what's going on?" feeling for me. Thank you for all your hard work!
I've been reading CN:H for a few years now and it's been an amazing treat reading this story coupled with the art. I plan to continue reading and enjoying the world y'all have opened up for us.
I have been following your story for quite some time now, and I find myself on edge for what is to happen next. I really enjoy your style and the story is enchanting. Want more reassurance? I have never commented using a system like this (here or anywhere else) as I am not too keen on having to put in my email to make a comment. Do keep this enchanting story going, for I really wish to see this one play out in it's entirety.
Hi Darc, My wife tells me the same thing :P you're both right, we should say what we feel and think! the funny thing is I read your comic regularly and your comments and I kinda feel like were old friends and you should just know me and that I really love your work and appreciate you sharing it with me! ok, now this is starting to sound creepy... forget all that, love your work! love your art, and look forward to each update! :)
We are all here anxiously awaiting another glimpse into the next panel of Code Name: Hunter. Although it is lonely for you in it's creation; imagine a darkened theater with the thousands of us that, hologram like, flicker in and out to look over your shoulder in wonder and marvel at the story world you create. Thank you so much.
Thanks guys. I apologize for coming across whiny or if I've upset anyone. The last few months have been frustrating, which is part of it. But the bigger part was my receiving notes through Tumblr from anonymous fans of another comic telling me I've no right to be proud of what I'm doing because their favorite comic updates seven days a week. Since I'm friends with the creator, I didn't feel I could defend myself. I didn't want to risk upsetting him in the process.
I'm afraid it's left me wondering if people think I'm lazy because I'm not cranking out seven of these a week. I'd like to, but it's just not possible. I keep asking Amazon where my cybernetic arm is and all they keep telling me is it must be lost in the post.
Oh... That was yours? Um. Oops? You probably don't want it now. Sorry....
Darc, remember that trolls are fey and that fey are treacherous and misleading. Don't listen to them.
Aurik Marr
You need not worry about us. Those who are deserving of your work will understand. I certainly do. An injury takes priority and I personally would rather recieve 'slow' updates rather than you be unable to update the comic at all. And I think I speak for all of us when I say this one is worth it. Pay no heed to those who try to insult you.
Darls Chickens
Maybe you could satirize them in the story. (Spooky inquired of a community of trolls, but they were interested only in complaining.) Seriously, how puerile anonymity can be (says I with my fake name). You know the difference between constructive feedback and discourteous provocation. Yes, you do. Yours is a fine comic. Stay the course and ignore the mudslinging.
I only read two webcomics that reliably update more than three times a week. One is black-and-white; the other is newspaper-comic-strip-format and equivalent to roughly 2.5 full pages a week. In contrast, there are a few I read that have an author, an artist, and a colorist (THREE PEOPLE), and don't even try to do three full-color pages a week like you do. You're doing fine.
I think you should let your friend know that his fans are giving you a hard time. They have no right, and since they are coming from his forum, let him police them. I'm sure he'll be very firm in letting them know it's not cool.
The person or people who told you this are idiots and trolls. There's no sense in listening to them. I don't measure a webcomic's worth in how often it updates, but by how entertaining/interesting it is. To be honest, one webcomic I follow updates less than once a week. Even if a webcomic only updated once a month or less, it wouldn't matter as long as it told an entertaining and interesting story.
Huh? You have every right to be proud of what you have accomplished! As it is, you are already pushing yourself dangerously with your health. It is great that you respect the other creator, but I am certain that person would be disgusted with the anonymous comments too! Give the nameless the attention they deserve. Easier said than done, perhaps, but true.
Hey, Darc. Never doubt it..., CN:H is a beautiful, fascinating and detailed work of art, and very much appreciated by those who are real fans and not greedy spongers. If you had to go to once-a-week updates there's NO WAY I'd delete this bookmark! All the best!
This webcomic is one of the most beautiful I've seen and the story is intricate and interesting with likable characters, it goes without saying but saying it from time to time never hurt anything, ye ? :-)
CN:H is phenomenal, gorgeous, and engaging. I've loved it since I first found it a few years ago.
You have created a world of realistic characters, magic, fae, and history. That in and of itself is impressive. Also, believe you me, the frequency at which a comic updates is in no way related to the quality or content. So long as you're happy with the story, I can assure you the reader base will be as well. In the end, the only one whose opinion matters on CN:H is your own, and the rest of us will just tag along for the adventure.
An excellent point! After all, we are simply guests that Darc has chosen to invite into her world. That is a good thought to remember!
Been reading your comic for a long time now, and quite ashamed I haven't left a comment before. Please don't let spoiled people ruin something that many of us are grateful to be experiencing.
That does it. I've always admired the comic's art, and found it gorgeous, but this arc has cemented my desire to, if not get the comic in physical form, then to donate regularly, starting next month. It might not be much, but I hope that it'll at least help.
I appreciate your wonderful work. I have been following the comic for a while now and love your art! Your story lines are great and well done. Darc, you have one great fan here and I'll always shower praise on your work. I know that Art takes time to do!
Love your comic, great art work, great story line. Just take it ease on your wrist.
Karma Squirrel
Never doubt it for a minute, Darc, we love you and your art. If we didn't, we wouldn't keep coming back. :) I'm less worried about the trolls that are bugging you and more about your wrist. (For some reason I have this mental image of you trying to "prove yourself" and end up permanently damaging something in there.) They're not worth it. Please take care of yourself. And for heaven's sake, if you need a break, take one.
Darc, girl, the tremendous majority of us who love your work are often underrepresented in the forum because we're content to see where your story leads us. We haven't anything to criticize and figure that you've already considered all of the jokes and references in the pages, so our comments might be superfluous. Also, we're well aware (as are your characters) that a body's got to eat, sleep, and pay the bills; we're delighted to see Hunter pages whenever you get around to them.
I usually lurk, but if you're feeling down I'll post. It's been a blast reading my favorite genre, return of magic in the 20th/21st century, with furries. So, thanks for entertaining me. It's appreciated after a long day in the factory.
Those tricksy fae, always scheming. And Darc, this comic is a gorgeous piece of work that I love checking on even when I know there's no update yet. I've read through it 3 times now and I still adore every part of it, the art, the characters, and the stories. I will patiently wait for the next awesome update. btw if you ever need a break, take one. We'll wait for you!
Iron Ed
I'm with Darkwolf on this one; I check CN:H almost -daily-. I know it's not a daily comic, but I just have to look anyway. I go back through the comments to see any replies you've left, and I also watch your blog closely.
I usually just watch good things go. But I'd say that if some vocal douchebags do exist that's not new in antropology, and that if your fans are many enough that their comments may be ultimately redundant. Well, they are there. And as one who lives much at today, this is one of the few things that I actually anticipate in tomorrows. So you've given much more than obliged, thanks!
Add; Ambiance! It's the ambiance! That's what makes this work so unique. In all the thousands I have checked and the hundreds I have followed. I've almost never seen a comic with this much interesting detail and seamless consistency. Also why I find it book-worthy. And an example of narration. That pretty much nails what I have to say.
just a heads up, this is my favorite comic in terms of artwork, and probably my favorite overall comic - bit of a tossup with freefall. I would be devastated if you had to stop making comics! please keep on keeping on - you brighten a LOT pf people's days.
I've been a many year reader of Code Name Hunter. Always like the art and loved the writing; and over the last 6 months the art has really gotten phenomenal. Really, really, really excellent story!!
choo choo George
Darc, I have been reading CN:H for quite some time now and I must truly say, it's one of the best comics to read, not only is the artwork absolutely wonderful, but the story is so fascinating and keeps me always wanting more. You really have a top winner here and I certainly see your high quality of effort you put into it. Plus all the suffering you've went through with your wrist and never letting your dedicated readers like myself down. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!
Darc, ignore those who desire quantity over quality. Your art is more important than the frequency. Yes, there are good daily strips, but I will happily wait once a week (or longer) for the really goods ones.
I enjoy the strip. As entertainment.
Hey Darc, love the comic. Sorry to be such a lurker, it's my nature. I've been reading for about 3 years now and I will continue reading as long as you choose to keep producing comics. I love your artistic style and storytelling, and I hope someday the problems you've been having for so long with your wrist will get better. In the meantime, don't worry so much about what other web comics are doing. Your work is great and updates consistently. I follow over 50 web comics, and while I'll never be able to pick a number one, Code Name Hunter is definitely in my top 3 faves. Don't feel bad about asking for feedback either. Sometimes us lurkers need a reason to add a comment.
Its not speed that matter but content and quality. I know strips that update faster and those that update slower. I will not critize any of them only a few do a comic page style
I read way, waaaaaay too many webcomics, well over a hundred. Quality artwork is what brings comics to my attention. Quality story is what keeps them in my attention. And CN:H has all my attention. Keep up the good work, Darc. (And Matt, too!)
I think your comic is well done and happens at an okay pace. Got to say that the fey are a lot more colorful group. It's going to be fun on a bun.
This is a really great story arc. And your art has always been very good, getting better even over time. I don't get why people feel you have to have as many updates as others. So someone else is able to update more often? Good for them. Your true audience will be here for however long it takes. I completely understand you have to be careful of your wrist. And honestly, you shouldn't have to feel guilty about taking time off because of that - or even just to take a general break. Hang in there Darc. :)