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More of the Market. Roderick's not having much luck and he's running low on time.

2013-11-13 02:16:36 
Wonderfully done! The colors, narrator and the scenes are done well. Look carefully you can find Helena in every pane.
2013-11-13 11:04:59 
Thank you. *blush* I'd say that girl needs a hobby, but I think she's already found one. "Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting Wodwicks."
2013-11-13 12:55:17 
"hahahahaha" Evil ear worm for you - imagine Elmer J. Fudd as the lead singer for The Buggles: "Video Kiwwed The Wadio Staw." With Helena watching that carefully, I wonder if she will keep him out of any serious trouble. And I am still really curious what her motives are, other than just messing with a mortal. Her comment on him being 'useful' is quite intriguing. Excellent work!
2013-11-13 17:04:55 
Noooo1 It won't get out of my head! *laughs* Thank you! :D
Darls Chickens
2013-11-13 13:35:08 
I guess I asked my previous page questions too late to catch the eye. I did wonder, though. In my experience all the fried-this and barbecued-that vendors in a marketplace make it one of the worst places to suppress an appetite... right after gourmet restaurants and Grandma's house.
2013-11-13 17:05:52 
Heh? Sorry, I'll go back and check. I was working on this page from around 10am till after 10 at night, so I was a little busy.
Slim Kittens
2013-11-13 22:58:13 
Yep, sounding more like New York all the time.