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Issue 17 - Page 09

Seems someone's a little possessive. Luckily for Greer Helena values those who play by the rules.

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Foxx Trotter's just "tsk-tsk, but I'm sure either way will work.
I'll fix it in the morning when I have access to my computer - I'm on a tablet at the moment.
All fixed. :D
that is a scary face
Yep I figured that she was still hanging around watching. Her game with him is just beginning!
I noticed that the 't' in 'must' isn't italibolded. I'm interested in seeing where this is going. =3
Foxx Trotter
I see I missed seeing that one. :0P
All fixed too. Thank you! :D
Oh yes, she is definitely playing her own game. Why do I get the impression when she says that, she means that she's just allowing him to talk to her new toy?
I suspect that it is more of a reference to the mortal being in Fey longer than 24 hours (stuck forever), and that after that point Helena does not care what happens to Spooky.
Or both. If Helena doesn't do all sorts of sadistic things to Spooky, I for one will be quite surprised. (Then again, I recently read Spirits White as Lightning, so perhaps I can be forgiven for the idea of a "Hunt" on Fey lands?)
That last panel, she's got that crazy look. Hope Spooky will be okay.
I can't not see Helena as a seagull now. "Mine! Mine! Mine!"