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Issue 17 - Page 08

Hey guys. I apologize for the crappy lack of updates last week. I know it's not fun. Hopefully things will settle down now for a bit. Thanks for sticking with me!

How do you get a goblin's attention? Yank on his horns, apparently. Poor Greer.

Comments [6]:

I like the changes that were made; I think it makes Helena's appearance a little more dramatic. Though, now I'm worried about young Greer's continued well-being.
I too fear for young greer. He seems innocent for a fae and it looks like he means well
And in a story like this, that means he's going to be hurt. Not fatally, probably. But he won't like the rest of this volume,that's for sure. Poor Greer.
I agree with the changes as well. As for Greer, unless Helena thinks that he is useful as leverage against Spooky, his life is probably forfeit at this point. Sad, but fey care little for the lives of their fellow fey. Meanwhile, Spooky still does not know about the contaminated water, but might be a little more on guard at least.
Seems like Fey don't like others playing people they have certain interests in. Let's hope Greer can talk his way out of this. I don't think fey have been to well known for their forgiveness.
I like the Action lines in the last panel. I think this comic is possibly my favorite graphically. :D