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Gossip - Page 03

Yes, they're joking with each other. Rummy isn't interested in Jinx in that way. Personally, I think they're both trying to get Specter to laugh. Yeah, good luck with that.

Please excuse any wonkiness on this one. My wrist was acting up at the time and I tried pushing through with a loose grip. It's going to happen now and then.

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Carl Foxmarten
Nice to see them joking around like that. Looks like their horses don't share in the humour, though!
Great job and nice dialog. I always look forward to your next page!
Very entertaining character play here. Nice idea of giving us more of a look of some of those who have to make out a living here, Darc.
HEX the Dark
I like them. :D
Let's see, sunbeams, sky colors and subdued foreground colors suggesting light late morning fog, simplified background mountains adding to the effect Crisp, clear lines. Nope, wonkiness detector isn't picking up a thing.
Bad sentence proofreading in the comments section on my part though.
Silly question: Does Fey have horses, or does RCSI supply them? For that matter, are horses in Fey also immortal?
Some of the horses are from RCSI, others were found wandering around Fey. The Fey like to go after livestock now and then, only to get bored with the animals they've stolen and turn them loose in Fey. Horses and other livestock live longer lives than those in the mortal world, but they do age and die eventually. Also, eating and drinking in the Fey realm doesn't prevent them from going back through the gates safely.
Hmmm makes one wonder if its really being in the realm, or knowing what the realm will do that causes it's effects.
Iron Ed
Love Jinx's face in both panels here! Like the mists and mountains; and the sky near the mountains too!
Hey guys. I'm currently feeling pretty ill and sore. Unfortunately, with my folks down all this last week I haven't had time to do any drawing. As a result, I'm afraid there won't be a comic page Monday. Updates will resume on Wednesday. I'm sorry for the delay. :(
God how many times we have to tell you hun, The comic can wait take care of yourself!
You get better, have fun with the family, and don't worry.
No worries. I hope you feel better soon. Hopefully you enjoyed your folks visiting as well. Take some time to recover. Get some rest!
Iron Ed
I hope you got to thoroughly enjoy the family visit -before- the ills kicked in! We'll be loyally here when you get back, even if it's after Wednesday. Take care! Matt... Please take care of Darc for us! ;-)
Take care Darc see the update Wed
Take care of yourselves Darc and Matt. Get well soon.