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Sorry, Roderick, no guarantees here. Too much red tape if something goes wrong. Besides, what's life without a bucket-load of risk now and then? It's good for you! Puts hair on your chest.

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Ah yes, a boat load of risk does put hair on your chest....After all, the hair disappearing on you head because of risk had to go somewhere. She's certainly enjoying playing with these mortals.
Iron Ed
Knows how to push buttons too!
Ah, so this was the price.
And this is where you have to make the choice of trusting the truth you've given, following your gut, and/or listening to your common sense when dealing the fair folk.
Actually, the fae enjoy the game regardless of how it turns out. Unless it turns around and bites them.
Then the other fea enjoy the game. Of course some of the fun is to play with a mortal
Sorry Roderick, only manufacturer's warranty. This won't be covered~!
No guarantee you'll ever leave, and none that you'll ever learn a name, much less two. The Fae love playing with Mortals, because Mortals always have Hope the game's not rigged.
Ah, but watch out for the fae that falls in love with a mortal! 'A Midsummer's Night Dream' is only the most shallow of the tales of this happening. The game could get VERY interesting indeed... Jason
I'm fond of Butcher's approach to that play. "Oberon got caught in a love triangle between the Winter and Summer Queens once, around Shakespeare's time. He didn't make it."
"Relax, " said the night man, "We are programmed to receive. You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave!"
*cue guitar solo*
I'm deaf for RL
I dont call her or any one call the Witch, it not very nice to say that word. may i ask some "?" what are they? Wiccan,Wisard,Sorcerer,Pagan,Conjure,Necromancer,spirituality,astrology-Selfhelp? are they dealing with the devil or not? thank you for hear me out =)
The woman here is a fey, fairy. She's a magical being, no religion required.