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Issue 16 - Page 05

Someone get the duct tape and the super glue.

In other news, the donation drive goal has been met! Thank you everyone! *HUGS* Three updates a week will begin the week of August 19th! Thank you!

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There is no problem that Duct Tape can't fix. Including Faye invasions.
Stop Faye invasions? No Wray!
Way, Faye meet Duct Tape and Bubble Wrap!
Imre Bellic
QuikCrete might be a better solution. Her majesty looks so sad and wistful in the last panel. Beautiful work as usual, Darcy.
Personally, I would order a aerial bombardment on the gate before sending agents in on foot. This may seem like overkill against a small horse, but "Small" doesn't count for much if the rider (or beast) is a magical harbinger of plauge. How can the agents hope to fight such a thing conventionally?
Still, got to find it first to bomb it, so the Agents will still have to take the risk before it can be bombed/wired-shut/duct-taped....
There's also the consideration (I believe) that at this time Moraine is still "just" a Princess and not the actual Monarch - so who aside from RCSI and palace staff is actually going to take orders from her?
Keep in mind this is early days for RSCI and there is a good chance they aren't completely sure how to seal a gate or if they can.. though blocking it with cold iron might be good starting point
Um, AntiDragon, Agent Spooky said "horde" not "horse." Aerial bombardment sounds good, but I would take Parou's advice and look the place over first. The first step should be to recruit mermaids at agents. Before bombing the place, you should do an Ariel surveillance.
Thanks for the horse-horde clarification. That just makes the agent's task all the more arduous though; Not only do they lack the proper Intel, they're outgunned AND outnumbered. It's near impossible for a handful of agents to counter a conventional army, what do they hope to accomplish against a magical one?
(Oops, I should never let a spellchecker do my thinking.)
They should just build a giant Rebar fence, but since this is more a prequel, I would assume they don't know everything they do in the future.
HEX the Dark
Goal met, yay! Even if I couldn't contribute to it. :( Hey, that's the first time we see the two kiss. Or well, Ruby's kissing Max. Close enough!
Rainnuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure...
choo choo George
Oh Darc, stop being sorry for not getting the comic out on time, we can wait. Take care of little Darc first and then get the comic out when better.
Indeed stop worrying about it and take care of Darc first. Little greedy saying that small delays are nothing weeks or more :( miss that continueing story
Eh? Oh, no... Monday's page is sketched, lettered, and will be inked by this evening. I had the sketch finished Tuesday before the migraine hit. I just wasn't going to be able to do the live draw Wednesday evening. :( But, we will have a page on time for Monday. I'm sorry for any confusion.
Iron Ed
-Sounds- like your migraine is better already. If so, I'm glad for you! May all your migraines (and I hope you -never- have another!) be short ones.