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Issue 16 - Page 01

Today Issue 16 fully kicks off with Gillian's story. Don't worry, you'll see Gillian, Max, and the kids in a bit.

In other site news, entries are still being taken for the Pimp My Studio Giveaway! If you'd like to put your name in the hat for some nice art supplies, please send along a photo of your work area as well as a link to your blog, website, gallery, or tumblr. All entries must be in by June 10th.

Also, the colors for Issue 15 are now complete! Work will continue on the colors of Issue 14. Donations are welcome if you'd like to help unlock more issues. All income goes towards replacing the equipment that I use to make CN:H. My main piece of equipment is starting to fail. Each donation also brings us one step closer to more updates a week!

That's all for now. Thanks guys!

Comments [18]:

Iron Ed
Nice analogy, and expressions.
Thanks Ed! And thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it. :D
You spelled 'protecting' with two 'I's.
Imre Bellic
This is more lovely work - she looks so sad in this picture.
Thanks Imre! I really like how this page came out. I have to admit, I'm a little surprised at all the quiet lately - here, on Tumblr, and on FA. I'm beginning to wonder if I've acquired some strange invisibility power. ;P
WE're here, we're being quiet so you have time to heal :)
Hey Sulnim! Thanks. The healing is going well. Everything seems just about back to normal as long as I don't try to do too much at once. :D Woohoo! :D
Great! I also have Repetive Motion Injury (from signing my name to countless legal documents), and I know how painful that can be when overworked. Take it easy, nothing needs done OMGRIGHTNOW. Ok? :)
Will do! The cintiq keeps overheating, so I couldn't really go fast if I tried. *laughs*
...there should be some sort of rule against anthropomorphic critters being that attractive...
HEX the Dark
That's just the sword. Swords make men attractive. ;)
Darls Chickens
Really? Thanks for the tip. Gotta love that "...often without question" line. "Harold, I need to know. Have you been faithful?" "Frequently."
Us chicks totally dig swords. :D
blades period do. I'm interested in doing some fanfiction stories but I'd like your permission Darc. I've just finished writing out an Inuyasha fanfic. So if you like to check it out I'll send you the link. Thank you, Signed the Draemon.
Hey Draemon. Sure, if you'd like to write some CN:H fanfiction, please feel free. Unfortunately, Matt and I have a policy of not reading CN:H fanfiction. This isn't to offend anyone, it's to avoid accusations of us stealing ideas. :(
test 1234
Iron Ed
"Press to test." click "Release to detonate." ;-)