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Issue 15 - Page 24

This is Max we're talking about. He could get into trouble in an empty parking lot.

This marks the end of Issue 15! I'm still having days where I can't do much with the wrist and I need to finish Issue 16's cover as well as finalize the pacing for the issue. As a result, Monday the 13th will be a filler update. I hope that's okay.

Thanks guys!

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Iron Ed
"...How much trouble could he possibly get into" "...without my help?" ;-) Of course it's okay, Darc!! :-) Those pictures on the wall look like a fair amount of work all by themselves! Mercy's not going to tell Ruby about her chocolate mustache?? I like how that "To Be Continued" banner is planted on a (nice!) tail that continues off-screen. ;-)
Ruby: "Wait... he's having an adventure without me? That's not fair!" But if Mercy tells Ruby about the chocolate-stache, Ruby'll wipe it off. And it's just too cute to wipe off. ;D Thanks.
You work hard to ensure that there's not just a comic, but a finely colored comic every monday for us. I can't speak for everyone else, but I don't mind some random filler. You work hard, and if you need more time to bring us this comic, than you need more time.
Thanks Ticker. I'd normally have the cover mostly finished by now, if not completely finished. Things are still going a bit slow at the moment. Though it looks like once the current wrist issues settle down, I'll be able to do a full page in a day with the new inking style. I'm so excited! :D
Insane Kitsune
That tail! The woman's tail in the last pannel is driving me crazy! Is it really long or placed that low on accident? It doesn't look anatomically correct! But I'm a baby artist so what do I know. It just threw me off.
If my guess is correct, then that woman is a snow leopard. They are known for having extremely long and fluffy tails with a very distinct pattern of squares (or circles) and spots along the length of their bodies.
That she is! :D The first part of her tail is tucked under her outer-dress. There's a slit that goes from the hem of her skirt up to where her tail is popping out. Her chemise, meanwhile, has the regular tail-hole placement. So, while the back of her outer-dress is open to accommodate her tail, the under-dress helps keep her modesty. I'm just playing with different ideas for dealing with tails and clothing. :D
That sounds like a good way to do it.
Imre Bellic
I love the detail on that tail!
That would fit with the Real-Life Snow Leopard we saw at the zoo on Sunday. Lovely animals. And yes, a very long tail.
Well Max ultimately did end up where he is today because he got into a life or death fight with a Fey on the way back from the Pub after a couple.... that pretty much says it all, Ruby! But the poor lad looks completely shellshocked right now.
We just can't let him out of the house on his own, I swear.
Imre Bellic
OK now, I REALLY like Mercy! She sounds like to sort of friend you'd get into trouble with, and have fun doing it! The Snow Leopardess is lovely, and I do love a pretty tail! Darcy, as I have said before, take all the time you need to draw the strip, we will be waiting eagerly - its always worth the wait!
Mercy's a fun gal. Most of Leystone is filled with odd characters. Thanks Imre1 :D
*chuckles* I like that Gypsy's lips are still icecream-stained
Ice cream lip gloss. It's the latest thing. :D
HEX the Dark
Max friendzoned? Dear brother, I feel your pain. Funny enough, I also had that with a hot redhead. I wanna buy him a beer now.
Heh, he just can't get a break lately, poor guy. Course, who knows what the future holds.
Well, you got this page done quickly, so I'm guessing Manga Studio is working out really well for you.
It is. :D I'm not having to fight the program as much while inking. I still have a bit of line work to do in Photoshop, but it cuts the inking time down considerably. Which means we should be able to increase updates again eventually. :D
Poor Max. He looks like he just walked into a room and forgot what he came in for.
Regarding Mercy and the chocolate 'stache, I'd make a wager that Mercy is thinking something along the lines of; "That chocolate smear looks too messy. Someone should kiss it off for her."
HEX the Dark
I second that.
my dear this is a hell of a run you got going and im grateful you put it here for us to read. and as for a break please i truly enjoy this yarn so do take care of yourself so you may keep up the amazing work-signed draemon the draconic kitsune.
Thank you! It ended up coming in handy, the break. I spent most of the last week with a migraine again. So I'm getting a later start on the cover than I expected. But it should turn out nice. :D
Max thought he'd be home by now, too. And the clock's ticking, too. Take too long finding the missing agent and the fey world becomes "home". Not a happy position to be in.
I feel very lazy now, I have been doing a self teach on manga studio for over a year now.and you are doing waaaay better at figuring it out then I have been. also hope the hand gets better.
Thanks. *blush* Practicing with a traditional brush seems to have really helped. Manga Studio feels much closer to traditional inking than Photoshop does. :D