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Mercy's finding that it's a little hard to do the whole "girl talk" thing when one of the girls is clueless.

I'm sorry for another half-finished update. I'll keep working on the page through the week and should, hopefully, have the finished version up by Wednesday.

edit April 30th: I tried Manga Studio for the first time in years out of desperation - the hand was still sore - and finished the inks in about an hour. It usually takes up to ten. And there was no pain! I think I'll keep using Manga Studio for the inks from now on. A bit of research and practice should help the line quality improve over time. Best of all, this may mean we can increase the updates again in the future, once the current wrist issues are settled. I'm so excited! On to coloring!

edit April 30th - part 2: And the colors are finished. Thanks guys!

As for the wrist, Dr. Brian believes the burning in the palm and numbness in the fingers is from a series of nerves that are getting pinched in my neck down through my arm. As for the loss of grip, that might be a tendon. It sounds like we'll be able to get this under control, it's just going to take a bit.

I'm sorry for the delays lately. Thank you for sticking with me.

Godel Fishbreath
2013-04-29 00:02:57 
Good that you know what it is. Maybe some exercises could help? Good luck, get well soon.
2013-04-29 10:00:51 
I've some light stretches to do and have increased the amount of vitamins I take each day which seems to help. It'll take a bit for the adjustments to stick for more than a few days, but that will improve over time. Thanks.
2013-04-29 00:18:08 
Take care Darc, and take your time. I'm actually partial to the partially finished pages, it's awesome watching you go from start to finish.
2013-04-29 10:02:35 
Thanks. I'm hoping I can get this page and next week's finished this week. I'll need all of next week for Issue 16's cover.
Iron Ed
2013-04-29 00:49:45 
I agree with Assiah. Annndd.. Mercy's funny in the comic; not sure I'd care for her as a neighbor though! :-)
2013-04-29 10:03:30 
Yeah, the concept of personal space is a foreign one to her. :) Thanks Ed!
Imre Bellic
2013-04-29 02:43:49 
So when do we get to see the CN:H swimsuit edition? Also I am loving the character of Mercy!
2013-04-29 10:04:20 
*laughs* That may have to wait a bit, though I love the idea! :D
Imre Bellic
2013-04-30 02:30:43 
If you do make one, put me down for two copies!
2013-04-30 22:24:23 
I'll have to start laying out plans and ideas. Bikinis! So many bikinis! ;D
Imre Bellic
2013-05-01 02:00:42 
or maybe *no* bikinis?? :-) Passes Darcy a pound of Chocolate Truffles...
2013-04-29 03:27:19 
Hey Darc, don't worry bout the comic, focus on taking care of yourself. Dirk Teide over at Paradigmshiftmanga is recovering from problems just like yours. Pinched nerves in his neck so take care of yourself. Besides I enjoy watching the "work in progress" since I really have very little artistic talent myself, I have no problem waiting for your recovery, just don't push it and permanently damage your hand.
2013-04-29 10:06:50 
Thanks Warhawk. Yeah, it happens fairly often. All that sitting hunched over for hours and hours. I may have to break out the wall mount arm for the cintiq and see if that helps.
2013-04-29 04:37:53 
Hoping for the BEST from the doctor. Pinched nerves are no fun take care of yourself. Maybe saying that is just horrible self interest after all if you can't draw how will we get our Hunter fix.. Thank you for all the hard work
2013-04-29 10:09:09 
Thanks Bear. He seems pretty confident that we can get things under control. It's just going to take a bit. The adjustments would probably set in faster if I went weekly, but he's a little more expensive than the other Dr. Brian was. *laughs*
2013-04-30 16:58:48 
Wish I could've had adjustments rather than surgery. HERE's hoping for a speedy recovery
2013-04-30 22:12:00 
There's nothing to be done for the old injury, but this new problem was caught in time. :)
Iron Ed
2013-04-29 20:24:01 
Or our Ruby/Gadel/Jinx fix?? :-)
2013-04-30 22:12:26 
What? No Doodle? She'll be so disappointed. ;D
2013-04-30 23:44:39 
Don't forget Gadel. I remember Wynnie saying something about her beauty. I figure it'd also be somewhat entertaining to watch Loretta try to get Gadel into a bikini-or any type of post-Victorian attire for that matter.
Iron Ed
2013-05-02 20:49:55 
Uh-oh... I think I'm going to get hurt again. :-) I'm sorry, Doodle! OW! Please stop now! OW! It was an accident, Doodle! OW! I swear! OWOWOWOWOW!!! (and I had a cousin called Doodle, in Kentucky. :-))
2013-04-29 04:42:01 
I see that to many artiste' are not paying their protection money to ACME Avoiding Arterial Accidents(AAAA), Nicked Nerve Bundle Bonds(NNBB), and Ralph's Really Painful Products(RRPP). I can think of about five artists that are on couple of week hiatus and several more that are on longer hiatus. Stop the hurts!
2013-04-29 10:10:14 
I would have paid, but they ran out of red velvet cupcakes. I'm sorry, but no cupcakes, no protection money. There's a principle involved here! ;D
2013-05-01 01:22:38 
I knew that decision about the red velvet cupcakes would hurt us.....You heard NOTHING here, got it. ;)
2013-04-29 07:56:32 
Actually, I am really loving getting to see your pencil work before it goes to inks. Very nice work!
2013-04-29 10:12:41 
Thank you. The poses in the first panel were kicking my butt. Thank goodness for working digital, otherwise it would have been a muddled mess. There were lines everywhere. :D
2013-04-29 08:32:12 
You need to stop saying "Sorry", Darc! I know I'm bad at it but I really like seeing the progress of the pages. Hey, just think of the page reloads as a good thing. :3
2013-04-29 10:13:51 
Eeep! I know, I don't even realize I'm doing it most times. It just pops out. *blush* I wonder if there's a twelve step program for that.
Iron Ed
2013-04-29 20:26:27 
Sorry; it's a thirteen step program for that! ;-)
2013-04-30 22:12:57 
Noooo! Not thirteen! Unlucky!
Lily K
2013-04-29 08:46:28 
Darc? You have given years entertaining all of us with your wonderful art and storyline, and we are all very appreciative, but really, stop apologizing. You didn't choose to get hurt. It's okay to be late or even miss updates so you can get better! We understand and send you lotsa hugs!
2013-04-29 10:17:33 
I don't mean to, it just comes out. I feel bad about getting behind when there's so much I want to do. I'll try to keep a better eye on that. Thank you!
2013-04-29 09:05:59 
Good thing the doctors have found what's wrong. I hope this means the pain's going to stop for you! :) And as the others have said, don't worry about being late or missing an update once in a while. Your health is the important thing.
2013-04-29 10:19:33 
Thanks. The old injury will remain, but the new symptoms will go down over time. I've started drinking this odd joint juice stuff every morning which seems to be helping a bit too. Though it is so sweet. Yuck!
2013-04-29 09:48:28 
Um, is this the right next page? It feels like there is a disconnect between this and the last page. Or is it just a time skip?
2013-04-29 10:25:25 
No, it's the right page. Ruby's "who" is in response to Mercy saying, "you never told me he had a thing for gingers." Maybe it's the flip from seeing the front or Mercy / back of Ruby to the back of Mercy / front of Ruby that's causing the disconnect? I still have trouble with panel layout at times.
2013-04-30 05:14:00 
Well, in my case, my disconnect was because I read "you never told he had a thing for gingers." as "you never told me you had a thing for gingers." I really need to stop doing things like that. Funny as it may be it can only lead to trouble, I'm sure.
2013-04-30 22:13:43 
Heh, considering the size of the Pyrenees family, that could get kooky pretty quickly.
2013-04-29 15:28:44 
I love it, Max is in denial and Ruby is clueless...sigh why is love never just easy and simple anymore? Tho I can't fault Max for being uber cautious when it comes to Ruby, after all her last couple agents have ended up in the hospital or something (depending what is canon anymore). :) Hope you get better soon, do take care of yourself!
2013-04-30 22:15:02 
Why do I get the feeling Mercy will decide it's her duty to play matchmaker in the future? "But you're so cute together!"
2013-04-30 23:49:05 
Because she's the nosy, busybody neighbor? Poor Ruby, having both Sissy and Mercy to deal with. They may drive her to be an old budgie lady yet!
2013-04-29 22:12:53 
I think all the readers can agree, take care of your health first. ESPECIALLY if drawing aggravates it, since long term aggravation means even LONGER term inability to do the comic, and we want it to keep going, even if that means a delay upfront!
2013-04-30 22:17:09 
Thank you. I'll take it careful, promise. I was able to finish the page up today because I decided to give Manga Studio another try and found it made inking so quick and painless. So nice! :D
2013-04-29 22:31:33 
Great to hear that the doctors have found the source of your hand's incapacitation. I hope they have a good regiment for you to follow so your hand can get better. Take all the time ya need, we have no problem waiting.
2013-04-30 22:19:04 
Thanks. It sounds like he has a good idea of what's happening and has handled similar issues many times before. The muscle pressure thing he does is a little painful, but it seems to be working a bit.
Martin Owens
2013-04-30 17:53:48 
You should err on the side of caution. That stuff's no joke.
2013-04-30 22:23:34 
I will. If I seem a little flippant about all this, I apologize. Humor and sarcasm is how I handle pain. Dr. Brian's got a good handle on what's going on and I'm exploring new methods of working that will help make drawing easier on the wrist. But I'll be careful, I promise. Thank you. :D
Karma Squirrel
2013-05-02 06:26:28 
Poor Darc. Maybe a vacation is in order. Of the all-expenses-paid variety that seem so popular around this time of year. Now if only I could find one on clearance, I'd tie it up with a ribbon and send it to you express. ;)