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Issue 15 - Page 14

Spooky is not a happy puppy. For a perfectly understandable reason, I think. As to what information he sacrificed his ability to leave the fey realm to get... you'll just have to wait until Issue 16 to find out.

This is the 500th CN:H page. If the behaviors of other webcomic creators who've reached this number are any indicator, this is a big thing. I expect my congratulatory hover-car to arrive in the mail any day now.

What? It's on back-order? Damn it! Fine, give me the pie instead. Rasin' frasin' limited stock...

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While I'm sorry to say that I lack both a hovercar and a pie, I would nonetheless like to congratulate you on 500 comics.
Congratulations on the 500 page mark! That is an awesome accomplishment!
Imre Bellic
Bah! Everyone knows that 512 is the real milestone! (nice job Darcy, I really like Spooky's expression)
Congratulations on 500 pages. I know the next 500 pages will be as fun and interesting. Great stories and characters to fill them.
Mmmm. Pie. :9
Congrats on the milestone :) Spooky has taken on a large burden
Congrats on the 500 mark. What sort of pie would you like consumed on your behalf? :) I'd deliver but you live too far away. Also, I think you did a great job on the cloak.
As always, a great job and congrats on your milestone! I am still on the edge of my seat! Can't wait to see what will happen in upcoming events.
Congratulations on 500 comics. I like how he took the nickname the MI5 agents gave him when they didn't believe what he was saying and made it his RCSI code name. Agent Fox 'Spooky' Mulder reference?
Creag Emmons
Here you go: 3.14. It's not the whole thing, but at least it's a big piece of pi. Congratulations!
Congrats! What's with the collar behind Spooky's back? Did he just take his off, or .....?
Iron Ed
I suspect that collar is for Nyx once they've rescued her. I am really liking these ruins, Darc! And CONGRATULATIONS! on the big 5-0-0! :-)
Spooky pulled Nyx's collar out of the saddlebag back on page 12. He's had it in his hand since. :D
Congrats on the big 500! I think I could understand Spooky's feelings here. In a lot of ways, I can see a bit of Spooky in Hunter and Gypsy here.
Thanks guys! Here's to 500 pages more! :D
I'm wondering if the collar is for the girl, she doesn't appear to be wearing one.
The girl, I would guess, is a civilian - there to give visual evidence of what Spooky is saying [Story-telling-wise, anyway.]
Congrats on number 500! I hope CT is treating you both well.
A hover-car for a mere 500? What do you think this is? Tesco's? WalMart? Nectar points? Rack up a thousand, and maybe we'll send you the -key-fob- for a hover-car! :) Joking aside, well done. Eli
mac cashman
I'm surprised children been off limits isn't part of the treaty. Maybe if Moraine gave the fey another couple hours to run amok they'd agree not to touch children?
Moraine is probably happy they are honoring the treaty as much as they are. Right now it seems to be a stalemate Moraine could try and destroy them but that could destroy the world, not something any sane person wants to put to the test. She also knows push them too far and that gives them even less reason to honor a treaty they dislike already since its with a mortal
YES here's to 500 pages more. Undoubtedly Spooky also knows if Max doesn't realize it yet with forever in front of them their camp will grow.
Congrats on the big 500! It has been a wild ride and i have loved every minute of it. I will raise a toast to the first 500 and additionally to the end of CN:H. I'll give you a cookie tho!
Pie can definately be taken care of. Hovercar? Will you take a mind reading machine instead?
SGT Lewis
Congradulations on 500 comics. I am a fairly new reader and hope to see many more. This is one of my favorite web comics to date.
Karma Squirrel
Whoo! 500 pages! You know what this calls for? A special Q&A with the whole CN:H crew! I've got tons of 'em... I just ran out of stamps and wanted to send 'em all at once. ^_^;
Well, send em on in! Can't promise a Q&A like we had before, but we can at least try to answer some questions (and avoid spoilers as best we can)!
500 pages and they ain't half grand..... Thanks for your hard work an artistry!