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Issue 14 - Page 11

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The Wanderer
Nice! Bit of magic from the Queen, and a good lesson for Hunter. "Oderint dum metuant" doesn't have respect entered into the equation - but of course the Fae wouldn't care.
Random Fey: "Respect?! I don't care for your respect! I want you to cower in FEAR! Wait... what are you doing with your hand there? Are you flipping me the bird?! GET BACK HERE!"
Hunter looks as if he didn't know the Queen could pull off a trick like that. Nice to see her break out her powers again!
She needs to use those more often. She's pretty good at it. :D
i wonder what is going through hunter's mind during all of this.
Knowing him, probably something along the lines of, "don't point that at me!"
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I wonder how the little prince's powers will fit into the equation.
The fey seem to take a very Machiavellian attitude toward beings, "It is far safer to be feared than loved if you cannot be both." They don't take into account that he also warned against inspiring fear that turns to hatred.
Scott A
"But...I both fear and respect you, majesty, because you could wreck me with your pinky finger and a sad smile?" "That's different." "Why?" "Because I am far more terrifying than the fae queens." "...Good point."
The thing I love about the Queen, is she knows she is badass, the Fey know she is badass, and everyone else can go suck a fat one. She has no one to prove herself or her powers to. :P
Hunter's mind is blown in that last panel.