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Issue 14 - Page 07

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The Wanderer
I think she's more upset with him that he has a fey after him - and he didn't tell anyone. That and there is an agent missing.
Well, she knew Predator had said not to have him around the Fey but she put him there anyway. And Hunter doesn't know about the missing agent yet.
Ted Schiller
Here's the page. Did the Queen know of the prohibition?
She knew he'd had a run-in with a fey before, yes -
Carl Foxmarten
Is he going to have to mention the Prince's magic ability? =o.0;=
The queen is quite familiar with her grandson's magic power.
I love the queen. She knows when to be furious and when to be gentle. She actually reminds me of my dad...
She is upset with him because he didn't think his life was worth more than some pretentious fake 'noble honor', that he'd rather save face for her than put those idiots in their place by admitting what really happened. She values her people more than that, it wouldn't have disgraced her at all.
Nail on the head.
Darls Chickens
He's misreading the situation and so are we. He's not in trouble. A pear-shaped Treaty Night could have exploded, and McConnor's foot was over the trigger, but he defused it, preserving honour, and she knows it. She'll let him chew on a little embarrassment for pushing the boundaries, but the assignment isn't punishment. He's just the right agent for the job. Amiritepeople?
Don't worry, it will all be revealed in time.~ Although those of us who support them via buying the comics do already know. Can't say I dislike reading the predictions cause of that, though.
Celestia's Paladin
Is it just me or does Her Majesty seem much older and tired than before?