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Issue 14 - Page 05

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HUNTER! Swearing in front of the kid...yeah yeah, he's asleep... But still! Poor guy, so dejected.
Oh sure... draaaaaaaaaaaag it out for us. :P
Scotty K
Awww. poor guy. Looks like someone could use a hug! :D
Actually, AmigaDragon, it is dragging out for Max.... and it is mentally killing him.....
Exactly! Max doesn't need Moraine to chew him out. He's perfectly good at doing that himself. Which, is the point of the page.
Actually at this point the Queen would be finding out about the missing agent. Dealing with Hunter would be low on the list of things that need her attention.
Doesn't that mean poor Max will be hanging there a nervous wreck. Waiting for a punishment that will never come? Oh dear...
He's probably just realised that he has one fay owing him a favour and another that he owes a favour to... and the one that owes him a favour was already trying to kill him...
As I mentioned before, no one owes anyone. You need to actually accept the favor before it's done. Doing something that benefits another without the acceptance first does not mean they owe you. Puck has his own reasons.
For Puck his reason could've been as simple as a chance to make fun of another fay or maybe more complex.
Making fun of a Fey, a mortal, and his own amusement may count as "more complex."