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Ooh, smart Hunter. As awesome as Puck is, you should never turn your back on him. Or let him have any sort of hold over you. Ever.
Considering the history of "puck" in mythology, that was probably the wisest choice he could have made!
Yes, one would never want to owe the Puck a favour.
That said, Puck is the type to possibly consider Gavin's sheer annoyance and rage payment in full
Hunter, you are wise beyond your years. The second a fey, ANY fey mentions the word 'favor', you RUN.. Run until your feet don't meet the Earth no more...
Uh... one problem. He still thanked Puck. You don't thank fae, I thought... something about thanking them for the offer means accepting a gift and being slightly in their debt.
I'm not sure. Technically he said "no thank you" thus meaning there was no thanks given. The level of hold that gives would depend on the whims of the fae involved.
Oh yes, Puck is certainly enjoying this. And I think he will make the offer of that favor again.
He gave consent. Hunter said 'We'll take care of this ourselves'. He didn't define 'we' & 'our' as himself and the prince and not Puck/fey. Puck has so~~ many options for interpreting what Hunter said so far!
Also 'Thank you but no' the no has (likely) been taken as separate from the thank you (to a fey the 'no' could be about almost anything instead of 'no' permission given)
On the other hand, this is a mortal that has successfully damaged a fae in the past. Some of the more "creative" options for Puck would probably provoke a repeat so I suspect that there's an element of caution introduced into Puck's fun.
Actually the reason you aren't supposed to thank they fey is that Humans being a short-lived race often use "Thank You" instead of showing true gratitude. They are empty words if not followed through with sincere gratitude (ie: Owed a favor).
humm thank you ,but no. its sounds likes thanks but not thanks. or thanks for the offer but i must decline. Puck is going to have a field day with this.
Hidden Wolf
You know, i think she was referring to the mage that is hunting the hunter haha, still smart not to accept the offer in any case because you would be in there DEPT as well... that would be a wast of a good soul.
Ugh hunter you've just screwed yourself. There are to many ways this can be twisted to hell now.
looks like its heating up though it would be nice to see whats said in forums but it seems all guests are perma banned on entry and cant register oh well
I'll have a talk to Damaris (forum owner) and see what's up.
Personally, I think Puck saw this coming. He knows that Hunter has to be on his feet since he has caused Gavin to swear a blood oath against his life. My opinion? Puck's gonna play this out like the mischievous fae he is and have a field day.
I've always loved Puck from the old tales, he's definitely summer court, and while he loves to have his fun, he's always dealt out what the person had coming, good or ill, in the end. He warned Hunter outright about it being a favor, and if Hunter had accepted he'd have wrung every bit of enjoyment out of it, considering Hunter deserving of it for being so stupid. Hunter's very polite refusal would likely win points with ol' Rob, both for the courtesy, and the intelligence.