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oh cool a tank
I imagine that the fey must have an incredible dislike for Moraine. Let's face it, all they did was go out into the world and grab some insignificant mortals. There are billions of them, what's a few thousand here and there? And how does she react? By showing up at their house, covering it in gasoline, and then standing outside with a flare gun aimed at the front door while demanding they come out and talk like civilized people. The nerve! But let's also face another fact: While this act may have cemented Moraine as a scourge in the eyes of the fey, in the eyes of us, it has cemented her as her world's Chuck Norris.
Word on that!
so your saying that being queen, the head of a secret agency that she funds out of pocket AND a latent mage wern't enough to make her her worlds chuck norris?
All I'm saying is that the only way she could be MORE Chuck Norris would be if Darc draws her wearing a western hat and roundhouse kicking someone in the face.
I SO have the urge to draw that now. *laughs*
Can you say 'Donation Incentive'?
Daf*q just happened? Did... did I just become a muse? Is that what just happened?
Could be. :D
If you draw Moraine Norris, Ruby is going to want in on it as a John Wayne at least. Maybe she'll take Lara Croft if you give her the tomb raider's infinite-ammo pistols...
Infinite-ammo? Ruby's so there!
I read somewhere that cold iron referred to naturally occurring iron alloys that did not need to first be smelted before smithing. I can't remember where I read that, and Wikipidia disagrees. Maybe I made it up. If I did make it up, though, wow. I even remember information in the article connecting meteorites to cold iron as a convenient way of finding alloy near the surface.
Cold iron in Latin is truly "iron of the northern star", or loadstone, a naturally occurring magnet.
This is due to the fact that iron (Fe +2,+3) can react to a few other metals naturally, and can form impure but potent magnets.
"Cold Iron" tends to refer to any iron that hasn't been combined with other metals/processed. A sword made of solid iron would be deadly to the fae, but it would be soft against the fae-steel weapons of the fae. A steel sword (an alloy of iron) would not harm the fae any more than any other bladed weapon, though. It's the "unproccessed", "unrefined", "unblended" nature that makes Cold Iron what it is.
One fictional universe took offense with the rather widespread availability of a common metal, and took it a step further: It wasn't COLD iron that was the bane of the fae, it was MAGNETIZED iron! Hilarity (and science) ensues. My favorite moment was when a little kid scared the pants off a Fairy Lord by THROWING a magnet at his chestplate, where it stuck there. It hurt. A lot.
sounds like what a certain Rac Cona Daimh child did >.>
No, it was a random idiot soldier who threw the magnetized horseshoe at the fey lord. The lord wasn't scared, either; he was just pissed off.
The definition of 'Cold Iron' varies in every story and world that includes the fae. I've heard everything from 'it's just iron, and every iron containing alloy' (which is what Morraine is using apparently) to 'pure iron which has never been heated or forged' (there was a method of cold forging which didn't involve heating metal, don't know much about it, but presumably that's how you could have shaped metal that was still cold iron in those tales). MAGNETIZED is a new one by me (thank's BarGamer) gonna have some fun with that.
This is true. Some metals may be forged cold, but iron and steel are almost always hot forged. Hot forging prevents the work hardening that would result from cold forging, which would increase the difficulty of performing secondary machining operations on the piece.
Ted Schiller
I believe that magnetized reference would be here. Tales of the Questor Warning: nakkid Racconan
Yep, that's the one. Not bad reading, if you don't mind a bit of preaching and ranting.
So... now my K-nex are a lethal weapon to fairies? Sweeeeet.
Random Guy
Bird shot with steel pellets would make quite a bit more sense than a sword. I think that, to the fae, it would be like a super weapon.
Okay guys, lets clarify. Latin for cold iron does not mean northern iron (lodestones). That's a plot point for another comic and does not have any bearing on Hunter. (It is not 'ferris polaris', rather instead 'ferris fridgeris', pardon my declensions) Cold Iron is a poetic name for plain iron, alluding to the cool feel of the metal to the touch. Iron in any content is dangerous to the fey, but the more pure, the more deadly.
"Gold is for the Mistress -- Silver for the Maid -- Copper for the Craftsman, cunning at his trade Good! cried the Baron, sitting in his hall But Iron -- Cold Iron!-- is the master of them all"
Where's that line from? It's kind of interesting.
More on Topic: Think a moment -- the Fae had been trapped away from Mortal lands for centuries. There were no Mortals to Tithe, thus the Fae were once again losing the best and brightest of their own people every 7 yrs. The Gates reopen, but the Fae have no idea if they'd close again. The more Mortals they take, the fewer Fae are Tithed should the Gates close again. The mortals reproduce faster as well, so the Fae could breed sacrificial lambs with ease.
Honestly I have to imagine the Fae really respecting the moxy it takes to do something like that. Also, for some reason I can totally imagine Queen Elizabeth II doing exactly the same thing xD Haha.
HEX the Dark
Maybe because she is pretty awesome, too. For example: she was the first (and till 2006 the only) female member of the royal family to join the military services, and was trained as a driver and mechanic. And, btw, she will be celebrating her 60th anniversary of her incarnation this year. :)
HEX the Dark
"coronation" I mean.
Haha yeah, true. She's about the only female royal who knows how to fix 1940's military vehicles. There are photos out there of her elbow-deep in grease and being awesome. Haha :D 60 years of her incarnation? For some reason that makes me think of the Once and Future King.
Also, totally awesome mental image: The nice, smiling Queen Elizabeth II standing in front of a Fae gateway on top of a tank, giving that little wave of hers. Probably thinking something along the lines of 'I look sweet, but please do try me.'
Well, there was the intruder who surprised Queen Elizabeth II in her bedroom a few years back. Together with her maid, they shoved him into a closet and kept him there until assistance came. (I believe that a senior member of the police force quit in disgrace after the incident.) Margaret Thatcher may have been known as the "Iron Lady", but I think that Queen Elizabeth II would make the Rock of Gibraltar look soft.
Iron Ed
Love Moraine standing on top of the tank!
Moraine's ready to kick butt and take names. That's why I love her so. :D
I've always tied 'cold iron' to meteoric iron based on a few scientific facts: It would be iron forged from the second-generation stars, very close to the beginning of the universe, which (if one wanted to apply a magical slant to it) would therefore possess an undiluted 'creation' essence, stored within its very atomic structure and kept pure in the frigid cold of space for billions of years. Also, meteoric iron is a lump of mixed iron and nickle, originating ultimately from the very core of an ancient supergiant that exploded in a super nova, and concentrated in the core of a shattered protoplanet. Firstly: such iron would represent the last stage of energy-releasing nuclear fusion, thus one could speculate that magically it would have an enormous magic-absorbing capacity. Secondly, one can make up all sorts of interesting properties for an unadulterated form of matter originating from the very core of a star. Those are the reasons I like to use that basis for 'cold iron', not to mention that historically, iron was only accessible in metalic form from meteorites as smelting wasn't invented nor widespread until the Roman era. So, if we wish to trace the magical origins of the term back to, let's say, the Egyptian period, then the only iron that fits the bill is meteoric iron. :3
HEX the Dark
Or maybe, the cold just and simple refers to the cold, grey colour and the fact that iron seems to have no feelings whatsoever.