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I like the detailing on his jeans where the tail comes out. Most anthropomorphic strips just sort of ignore or finesse that sort of stuff.
Thank you. Those tails sometimes cause all kinds of difficulties design-wise. :D
While I'll not give anything away, I will say that I do quite enjoy this particular page. It is one of the few points in the current plotline which establishes that Max does in fact have a romantic interest. Also, as the previous poster said, you take the time to actually work with some of these other areas that other artists do not, such as the tail-hole for pants or the construction of the foot. Excellent art as always =D I've enjoyed reading the CBRs of the newer strips as well.
Thanks. We'll start seeing more of Max and Ruby's personal feelings as things go on. There wasn't much room in the "Political Spell" arc to fit that in smoothly, not the way we wrote it anyway. But I've learned. Now I leave myself some wiggle room in case I want to add or change things around. :D
Unfortunately, the the removal of your original strips that took place before "Political Spell" you're newer readers are missing some of the afore mentioned difficulties Max and Ruby have in ever starting a relationship.
Somehow, I'm reminded of A Goofy Movie. We'll see what happens next.
exactly what i was thinking!
Oh man, I forgot about "A Goofy Movie". *laughs*
Hrm... dreaming, a mysterious woman who's features can't be seen... I think a certain demoness is making her move.
My lips are sealed. Until next week, that is. :D
Kenneth McHatton
Silent until next week,eh? I'm good with that.
it's entirely possible. but for some reaon i can't help but wonder who is it that Max sees in his dreams.
We'll see. :D
Wow... I finally caught up with your archive! There's such great writing in this story... character depth is something I really appreciate. (And, of course, it's got some fantastic art to go with it.)
Thank you. *blush* There's so much I want to do with it, and only so much time. :D
Another great page Darc! He's got to be dreaming...LOL! Oh and I don't know if it's just me or what, but the RSS I was getting your updates through is no longer picking up the feed...
Which feed? Blog or comics? Let me know so I can look into it :)
Looks like it resolved itself, (or you resolved it), but it was for the comic feeds... Sorry I didn't get this until just now!
Samuel D
O_o .... wats goin on?