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Well well, it must be hard for her to be in a place where no one is bowing to her! No one even notices she's there, just another anonymous face in the hall. Quite a shock for the arrogant mage!
HEX the Dark
I think she's feeling lonely. She sees people with friends and family and she has none, and that makes her sad.
C. Mage
She didn't have "friends", she had subordinates (people she could use) and superiors (people that would use her). And her family is the one that taught her to think that way. I'm finding it hard to have sympathy for any of them.
Any of the characters at all, or just the Astorians and the Commander?
HEX the Dark
Well, she had Wynnie. And I fin it hard to belive she wouldn't have any friends at all.
Wai...what? I caught up? SWEET! Now I can follow it as you update. Great storyline so far Darc, can't WAIT to see where this goes!
Thanks! I need to get off my butt and finish researching horses/saddles and get to work on starting Issue 14. Starting issues always makes me nervous. :P
At some point, the young Lady is going to be caught completely off guard and suddenly find herself not only accepting the ways of the people around her, but also adopting some of them. As is common with anyone who moves to a new place; its only a matter of time and stumborness before it comes to pass