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/delurk One thing that has been bothering me for quite some time... what's with the Mum all the time? Is this some quirk of the English language that I'm not familiar with, or are they really all calling the Queen their mother?
No, of course they don't think she's their mother. They're just being informal. When they're not being informal, then ma'am is used. I was about to say look at the end of Issue 11 for an example, but that issues isn't on the main side yet. So... you'll see what I mean eventually. So no, it's not a quirk of British speech, just a quirk of the CN:H universe. :)
HEX the Dark
Hm. I've seen "ma'am" on other occasions (I mean not here in the comic) also been pronounced like "mum" in british.
I've been told they can sound alike. It depends on the accent, I suppose. I'm enough of a librarian geek to look most stuff up, so I know the word is ma'am. I wanted the agents to use a term that sounded a little more informal. They're not comfortable, for the most part, calling her Moraine to her face. :D
HEX the Dark
I, when I first heard it, thought "mum" was kind of a nickname for the queen, similar like Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was known as Queen Mum or as in "mother of the nation" or so. Later it came to my mind that it being accented ma'am was more probably. And I know your awesome research skills :) I learnt that nothing in CN:H happens without a purpose.
But... but I need to justify in public the overly large student loan I'm still paying off. The college keeps denying my requests for a refund. ;D
Funny I had the same problem for years till I paid what they said I owed. So uncivil.
On the 'topic' of mum and ma'am where English/"The Brits" are concerned... And note, this is in no way a "written in stone" thing, merely my own observations/explanation...:) "mum" is, as Darc has stated earlier, inforal .. or at least a shortening of "Queen Mum" or The Queen Mother. The Royalty is seen as the Parents of the entire country. Not actually the peoples biological mother and/or father. ...Similar reasoning why Africa is refered to as the Motherland, and Germany is/was refered to as the Fatherland
Watch "The King's Speech;" there's a great sequence involving the "mum" thing.
Ah, okay. Thanks for clarifying that =)
heh i remember mum being used in other stories i've read as well as a few shows. i've always assumed it was part of British English
It is, but many Americans use it too. My sister and I grew up using mum. I switched to mom as I got older and after we moved to Iowa. Of course, that could have just been because the Tidewater area of Virginia was weird. Or because I grew up on a Navy base surrounded by families from many different countries. It did strange things to my speech patterns. :P
I thought it was just an informal shortening of Queen Mother, but unless I have my royal titles wrong I don't think that properly applies to Moraine.
Nope. The Queen Mother would be Moraine's mom, if I remember right.