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2011-05-24 18:30:57 
...Damn, the queen has one hell of a scary look when she's serious, nearly as scary as Max's when he's peeved. Excellent artwork as usual, and I'm looking forward to the next installment.
2011-05-25 11:58:14 
Oh yes. Moraine is very forceful when she wants to be. She's quickly turning into one of my favorite characters. Thanks so much! I'll keep them coming as long as I can. :D
2011-05-29 23:37:11 
I love the whipped puppy look on the commander's face in panel four. He looks like a small child with his hand caught in the cookie jar! On a side note, I love love LOVE your comic!
2011-05-30 12:45:33 
Thank you! I really appreciate it. :D Yeah, poor CB. I can't help feeling sorry for him.